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Sell/Tell me on Skyrealms of Jorune?


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Well, Skyrealms is one of those RPG's that sorta pre-date me.

All I know about is a weird swamp adventure in a very old copy of White Wolf magazine. The art and some of the deisgn looks like it was done by someone dropping a whole lot of LSD while looking at upside down Escher sketches.

But what was it all about? Does anyone still play it? Why did it die out? What was good and what was bad?

I've found this site selling Jorune stuff http://www.chessex.com/Games/Games2.htm

But is there a Jorune community still? And what were the previous editions like?

Enjoy the nostalgia trip,




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Jorune had some incredible artwork, and a great setting full of interesting races.

We only got to play it once, so I can't answer to any problems with the 2nd edition system.

A friend once answered why Jorune wasn't played much, "It's a work of art. You can't play art."

--Hoo-man Valandil


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Jorune is, in all probability, one of the finest settings ever--shackled to a set of critically-flawed rules.

Very, VERY few settings really succeed in portraying the alien. Most fantasy or alien races fall into the "Star Trek" trap--humans with funny features. Jorune's races bypass this trap, and do so amazingly well.

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I own (somewhere) the 2nd Ed of SoJ. Basically, the game was written up as session writeups of another SF game (I forget which) and turned into a setting.

Jorune is a rich setting: a devolved Earth colony set on an alien world. Player characters are assumed to be human or one of two variant human offshoots. Other races on the world of Jorune include Jorune natives, anthropoid animals modified by gene scientists of the old Earth colony (offhand I remember Bronth=Bears, Crugar=Cougars, Blount=Toad) and some genuinely alien Jorune natives. It's in this final category, the "genuinely alien" that Jorune really wins, at least in part because everything is very lavishly illustrated with excellent pencil art.

There's also been a good job done with developing a culture and so on. Much of what is in Jorune is Sci-Fantasy boilerplate. It's just that all the details have been worked out well and integrated into a very plausible and well thought out setting. It is, in some ways, a work of art. For instance, instead of "magic", Jorune offers an etheric energy field known as Color which certain Jorune natives (and human offshoot Muadra) can access. The rules for using Color Spheres are pretty neat, although I would've liked to've seen a broader non-combat focus to the powers available to Caji (trained Muadra).

It's true that the rules were pretty clunky (although I've seen a lot worse). Still, for those who are into a rich setting it should be very easy to implement the solid GURPS conversion to be found at


If you are looking for a solid, thoughtful and somewhat sober sci-fantasy world then Jorune has a lot to recommend it. There are also quite a few worldbooks and what not which were once in print. Not sure what the availability of this type of stuff on eg. eBay is anymore, but good luck finding it.

- Scorpio Kerning.

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Chessex is selling the third edition. Third edition did consolidate many of the scattered pieces of background but the rules were even more broken than with the earlier editions of Jorune. I recommend if you can find it taking a look at the second edition.

The best selling point for Jorune is that it is like Tekumel but one can actually do stuff therein. Too much of Tekumel and Glorantha and other truly exotic RPG settings focus more on showing the innovation and complexity of the design than letting PCs interact with it. Jorune builds itself around a starter campaign seed of seeking validation from society.

Jorune is a fantasy setting set after a great calamity and now in the process of rebuilding. Think Darkover or Tekumel but without the restrictive societies of both. Much of the lost technology/magic has a biological component (fairly common in current RPGs but new back when Jorune first game out). The races are unusual but still playable and fairly plausible. Thriddles rule. Jorune is the cheerful optimistic counterpoint to other exotic settings.


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The setting was quite rich and intresting... the system pure crap. Crap crap crap. The setting deserved MUCH better. It could make a neat OGL product, a Tri-stat game, or run easily with fuzion. The last might be the easiest to do.

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The Jorune setting was brilliant and beautiful stuff that was too intimidating for me to ever actually run. And yeah, the system was not the greatest. Every coupla years I consider breaking out my SoJ stuff and working on a short campaign but I invariably drop the idea to run something a lot less cool and a lot less demanding.

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I love that game, but due to a bizarre twist of fate I lost all my books/crap about it, now, Ill be restocking my library with full AP Skyrealms stuff and if that means starvation to death or endless hours of hamtaro, Ill go for it.

Thanks for your time.


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Bailywolf said:
The setting was quite rich and intresting... the system pure crap. Crap crap crap. The setting deserved MUCH better. It could make a neat OGL product, a Tri-stat game, or run easily with fuzion. The last might be the easiest to do.
There was a Fuzion conversion linked to at Jorune.org, but it seems to have vanished.
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