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Sam I Am

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Sorry folks, I suddenly had to travel lots and try and keep my postgrad course going. I was in Brasília to hear from the horse´s mouth how the government is decimating science and education. And we´d been doing so well.

I have to prepare for a brand new class tomorrow but after that I hope to get back on track.


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Still here as well, or back again...anyway, I'm still plodding along with my character.

The Pelandan Love Knight is too interesting a concept to drop, so based on advice from Nick and the bits and pieces I've read, I'll go with
Rigela of Ulawar, a mixed Pelandan-Carmanian Second Tier [minor noble], who's family line was finished during a Dart War in 1616. I'll give him a major passion for Uleria, though no actual formal cult ties.

Str 12
Con 7 [+2 from Earth]
Siz 16
Int 17
Pow 15
Dex 19 [+1 from Water]
Cha 12

I need some suggestions on the Sorcery School to consider. I'd like to go with Dispel and Magic as initial runes, aiming toward more battlefield/practical magic in the long run.

Sorry this has taken so long. My son is pretty stable now [though sleeping in a tent in the back yard at the moment], so I should be able to have a personal life again.
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