[Semi-WiW] My Little Pony FiM: The Fun has been Doubled!

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Part two of my ongoing descent into pony based insanity.

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Phew that's a lot of pony, now just six days till another Rarity episode :D
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Actually, the one big question I have regarding this episode is "Why did Ponyville suddenly become so dangerous for a while?" The Doylist answer is obvious, but I can't imagine any possible explanation from a Watsonian perspective...
Well, it helps a LITTLE if you imagine that the episode is actually spread out over a month of pony-time.

I also want to suggest something from Tales of the Questor which comic has been mentioned before in relation to the non-mystical nature of unicorn magic. Namely that that ISN'T a hydro-electric dam we see, it is a hydro-MAGICAL dam that supplies all the not-actually-electrically-powered devices in Ponyville and the surrounding area.


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Not only does it supply magical energy to the surrounding area, it does so wirelessly with a set of giant magical tesla coils decorated with big pink hearts.
That's probably what took me from "Oh no what happened to my medieval fantasy ponies" to "All hail our new alterna-post-industrial pink and purple pony overlords".
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