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Send your Cool Exalted Characters, please


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With Eric Brennan on vacation, it seems the Exalted frenzy has declined a bit. Until now...

I dont´k know if the topic has popped any time but that´s what I want you to write:

- Tell me about your Exalted Character. Weird ideas are encouraged.

I want to create a Circle of Solar Exalted and I am trying to no replicate the usual motifs in the genre

Jim DelRosso

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Sorry, but we need more info: where do you want us to send them?

To liberate Thorns from the Deathlord's Fell Armies?

To hold back the Locust Crusade?

To defend a Threshold village from a horde of Wyld Barbarians?

Or to close the Gate that would let the Cruel Legions of the Yozis back into Creation, and thus prevent the End of the Universe?

You have to be more specific. ;)


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I want to send them to see the marvels and dangers of Creation. (Translation: I still don´t know what their antagonists will be ):rolleyes:

Jim DelRosso

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My character idea was a former officer in the Wyld Hunt who Exalted as a Zenith, and now wanders Creation as an itinerant preacher in the service of the Unconquered Sun, spreading the word and righting wrongs.

Kinda like St. Paul, except you remove the intolerance and replace it with Kane from Kung Fu. And add a bigass sword. :)


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Exalted character idea I've had:

Burned-out soldier: Zenith caste. Was a Legion soldier for a LONG time (20 years?), but 'burned out' on the hatred and suffering. Expert swordsman and leader of men, but will only fight to defend another's life (not his own). Has great trouble beleiving in any sort of cause, since he has seen the true cost of 'the greater good' too many times (conviction 1). Exalted after he walked away from a massacre, exaltation slowly giving him a new purpose in life (reluctant to accept it, sees more death in the future). Left his sword on the battlefield, now fights with a staff. Still wears an empty scabbard.

Anima: Image of hundreds of others standing behind him, lending him support

Virtue flaw: Can't remember what it's called, that compassion one which uses the example of taking a slave's place to earn him a brief respite.

(If you've read the Discworld books picture Commander Vimes but broken, and slowly rebuilding)


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Jim, Fade, these are GREAT ideas. St Paul with a massive sword and the burn out general could be great concepts for my players.


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Singal said:
Jim, Fade, these are GREAT ideas. St Paul with a massive sword and the burn out general could be great concepts for my players.
Your players aren't making their own characters?


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I have a bunch of ideas. Here are some of them:

Marcus Valeren Andurias, a criminal mastermind who was Exalted into the Eclipse Caste. His anima banner is a tall, Romanesque marble statue of a man holding a rotating disk in the palm of his hand. The disk represents all of Creation :) .

Ragara Dominic, formerly a soldier in the legion and now a patrician in the Dynasty, Dominic is disgusted by the excesses of his brethren. He Exalted into the Zenith Caste. He is somewhat heavy set and is heavily muscled. He is very ambitious, and his skills focus on ruling (Bureaucracy, Socialize, Presence, etc.) I designed a new Conviction Virtue Flaw called "Unfettered Megalomania" for him :) . I haven't gotten around to making his anima banner yet.

Noble Phoenix, a mortal monk in the Immaculate Order who Exalted to the Zenith Caste. Very Taoist. He plays a Chinese-style lute to help with his meditations. His anima banner consists of three brilliant red kanji letters standing for compassion, temperance, and endurance. The letters revolve around his body.

Here are some character concepts the people in my group made up:

Shade, a man of the woods who Exalted into the Night Caste. He is an archer par excellence, and is based on Aragorn from LotR and the Ranger class from D&D. He wears an orichalcum and moonsilver wedding ring, the same one he wore when married to his Lunar wife in his previous incarnation. His anima banner was "Shade's Eclipse," which looks a little bit like the Shade elemental from the video game Secret of Mana.

Jaer Bo Walker, aka "The Red Mage," a Twilight Caste member. He was a good archer and wizard. His anima banner was a brilliant oak tree that grew larger as he spent more Essence. Was was really cool was that, when he used the Twilight anima power, a branch from the oak tree would bend down and absorb some of the impact. :)

Kincaid Elias, an exiled nobleman from Chiascuro. Quick witted and agile, he was Exalted into the Night Caste. He wields a powerful dagger/light saber, the weapon of a First Age Solar king. His anima banner was a brilliant version of his family crest.

Vlad Petrovik, a *huge*, 7 foot tall Dawn Caste warrior prince from the northeast. His family and kingdom were destroyed by a Deathlord. I can't remember his anima banner, unfortunately.
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