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[Serenity/Firefly] Adventure ideas

Simon W

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After watching (for the umpteenth time) the complete Firefly series over the last couple of days, my wife has decided she wants to play a Firefly/Serenity campaign, so I'm expected to drop everything and get it ready for our group (not that I mind).

Anyway, my idea is that the PCs are repo-men/women. I'm not sure yet whether they should be freelance (and therefore own their ship) or whether they work for for someone, who owns the ship (which may be more interesting.

Anyway, the thing is I'm looking for some ideas for some interesting things they have to reposess and slightly dodgy things to get them involved in, under the guise of their "legitimate" work - and any other adventure ideas you guys may have.
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I'm envious: I've wanted to run "Repo Man in space" for a long time, the timing has never worked out. There were terrific threads on here within the last few years: "30 Firefly episodes based on Elton John song titles" "30 Firefly episodes based on Iron Maiden song titles" and "30 Firefly episodes based on punk song titles." My thread-fu is weak and I am pressed for time, so I cannot provide links. Some of those involve dodgy activities.

Some quickie ideas:
They could be working for a bank or insurance company
Ships that have been stolen by their crews is the obvious one, so they and/or their cargoes can be re-sold
Ships that have been (illegally) impounded by crooked lawpersons
Ships that have been swiped by gangs for joyrides, or to escape the law
Insurance scams, by small-time operators or medium-to-large operations


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I have found that the ideas for things to do comes from the places to go. So, I added some additional worlds.


This link leads to a listing of cannon and somewhat cannon worlds. It also have a number of worlds that I added based upon The states of The Old West. They made it easy have that "post civil war" feel to things.


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Perhaps someone thinks they have a way to cure reavers? ...and maybe the cure is bad in itself. ...to say nothing of the challenges of implementing it.


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I ran a one shot that might have a base plot like you are looking for. The first mission I ran was the acquisition of their ship. I had the small group as passengers on a small vessel similar to the firefly show where the captain and crew are dodgy. They have to make an unscheduled stop, gee what is going on?

Forcible inquiry is that they are making a drop of some bio agent.

If they follow the captain and mate, they witness official types killing them and taking the bio crate.

They can then flee by taking over the original ship ship, or try to intervene in the bio warfare agents.
Throw in that they are on an ageing mining colony for fun. Maybe this colony is the target.


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Mistaken Identity is always good for fun. The ship's Captain (or insert important person) looks like someone else (or close enough that it makes sense). This plot works best if the Captain (or important person) and the rest of you do some shady work from time to time and try to stay out of the light.

The someone else who did something dodgy with the wrong people. Now those people are hunting you, for reasons you don't know, and they won't listen to reason (they weren't hired for their brains... now where they?). If your players don't need to go to u-haul to rent a clue, they will easily avoid these guys most of the time (first whiff, we lay low... finish our gig... then get the heck out of town). The bad guys were always "the timer". The players knew they took too long if the hunters showed up. You never kill off these clowns, they would just hire better ones (who you might not be able to take and might find you faster). They are kind of like rain... they just happen from time to time.

If you are smart and know they are comming, you can use their overwhelming firepower to get you out of jams or resolve your issues... as they start shooting to get at you. You slip out the back while the firefight is going on. (remember, they are not known for brains).
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Craig Oxbrow

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For "any other adventure ideas" go here and to be self-promoting here.

For repo-men in particular...

So you're picking up a ship, nice quiet pickup while it's being "fumigated" and the whole crew are off, nobody gets hurt. And before you can get out of the system, this gang of unfriendly types in heavy spacesuits boards it and demands to know where the diamonds are. Apparently getting behind on their payments wasn't the naughtiest thing this crew did. So if you want to get out of this, you have to find the crew you just jacked the ship from...
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Heh, how about repoing Companions?

"Nope, sorry, ma'am, yer contract wi' House Shirasai be plain as the starry sky: ya need to keep up with yer quarterly payments or yer indenture ain't cleared. Yer three quarters a-hind, so yer bein' repoed, it's back t' Sihnon fer ya."


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In the middle of an unrelated sensitive mission on a populated core world, the customs guard looks one of the PC's up and down and says "Who are you supposed to be, <PC's name> or something? Please proceed to Exhibit Hall C, with the rest."

Unbeknownst to him/her, one of the PC's former associates has made it big selling a story of previous exploits with the PC as the main character. It's now a corporate multi-media property and a successful series of blockbusters in this media market. The PC's have put down in the middle of <PC's name>-Con, and the fandom has a very enthusiastic cosplay contingent. The author is going to be signing autographs... Maybe it's time to talk about likeness rights?

In my game, this was our "Janestown" analog. The PC in question was a vain super-spy Operative/Companion, who suddenly found his stealth greatly increased by being surrounded by people dressed more or less exactly like him, including guys wearing "optical cloaks" that consisted of dozens of layers of clear plastic wrap. By the end of the session, he'd hooked up with a cosplayer dressed as the cute female version of himself, breaking all previously known records of narcissism.


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They could be repo-men who's previous employer had an 'accident'. The new owner is unknown, but assures the PC's that their jobs are intact. He only ever contacts them by radio, never meeting in person, but he always pays on time. The only changes he makes is the stipulation that he makes all deliveries himself, the PC's simply pick up the items and get told where to drop them and then get out.

The owners of the items are unusually belligerant about all this, insisting their payments are up to date and even engaging in violence to retain their property. Your PC's have records of missed payments, proper permits, etc, all provided by their employer, and the local police will back up the PC's, though involving law enforcement is frowned upon and earns the PC's a strong reprimand and perhaps even docked wages when that happens.

The new company owner is actually a hacker, using the PC's to steal items he wants or just for resale. He forges false records and permits, and is good enough to fool local enforcement though not the more sophisticated Alliance systems which are maintained seperately. You could perhaps introduce that tidbit by having one of the victims be a retired Alliance officer with access on his personal terminal to alliance systems show the PC's the account status of his farm equipment as current, while every other terminal in the area shows him delinquent and the PC's registered as having a legal warrant to reposses the property. Later, a further complication will crop up where the PC's are wanted because after a standard system audit the previous false warrants are discovered. Not all at once though---not every planet does these audits at the same time, and the wheels of bureaucracy grind slow but fine. The records kept by the PC's all look legit, but a complete check will show signs of tampering at the originating source of the warrants.

As for odd things to repo...

A lake. An ice asteroid was dropped from low orbit into a basin to provide water to an arid region. Unique medical properties were recently discovered and the water from the site has become quite valuable. It's not known if the medical property was part of the asteroid, in the ground of the impact crater, or the result of some unique and now probably destroyed plant life. The loans to pay for the original engineering and dropping of the asteroid were being serviced by the sale of crops and livestock, but the water itself has become more valuable than the whole colony, and some shady upper management types have hired the PCs boss to insure they are cut in for a large piece of that pie.

An Alliance Cruiser. The cruiser Dreams of Terra was lost in a major engagement on the outskirts of known space early in the war. Sabatours had damaged the reactor and flooded life support systems with a parlytic gas that acted slow enough that the crew was able to abandon the ship as it was falling into the gravity of a gas giant in the system it had been scouting. The crew escaped with most of the support ship and fighter compliment, but the cruiser itself was considered lost when contact was broken by the upper layers of the gas giant. What the crew didn't know was that this system was home to a large pirate organization, and the sabotuers were not browncoats. Hiding thier base in the gas giant and using powerful jamming equipment enhanced by some rubber science unique to the planet, they recovered the damage ship and over the years sold off most of anything valuable, gaining a formidable reputation as being uncommonly well armed and with a knack for aquiring difficult to salvage equipment. Recently, the ship has been sighted in an outer system heavily modified, stripped of armaments, and painted bright gold and red---and is home to an enterprising scoundrel using it as a Whorehouse/Casino/Smuggler's Haven/Mobile repair shop for peoples of ill repute. Once the Alliance finds out, it will send a great many ships to recover their lost vessel (for pride if nothing else, this is an insult and embarassment of the highest order), shedding an unwanted light into the area and throwing business in the system out of whack for probably years to come. The ships systems have been crosswired like a christmas tree to enable it to be manuvered by a single person if needed, which also leaves it vunerable to an easy hijacking unlike the ship of war it used to be. The instructions the PC's get is simply to pilot it to the nearest alliance system, disable the drives, and set a distress beacon. The payout is quite large (in prestige and favors, as well as money), as this venture is backed by shady folks at the very highest levels of planetary government (both honest and corrupt) and organized crime. The downside is that there are several dozen to several hundred unsavory types aboard who really don't want to be dropped off in Alliance space on a stolen museum bound cruiser. Side missions given by all manner of cloaked figures can include insuring various folks get off the ship before reaching Alliance space, or ensuring that certain others are aboard---made all the more fun if opposing cloakers with friends both high and low set their sights on the same individuals, forcing the PC's to choose who to anger. Destroying the ship should not be an option if the goal of keeping the Alliance from taking too much interest in local affairs is to be achieved, though without proof the scrutiny would be less intense and shorter lived.

A Planet. When the colony of Micromodel was first founded, due to an interesting (and probably fraudulent) error in translation the colony contract stipulated ownership was granted to the bearer, not legal owner, of a solid gold and gem encrusted replica of the planet as it appeared before humans arrived. The owning family has been very careful to guard the model, especially since events during the war destroyed many original documents amending this 'oversight' from the founding, and the Alliance records were never kept very well up to date as it is a very small colony. A month ago, it was discovered that the model in the families vault is a fake... and there are several other fakes to be found on the planet. The original is in fact unique however---digital copies of the founding documents are embedded in the crystal lattice of a crushed gem sea. The digital information can easily be embedded in another model, but each lattice is physically unique and cannot be identically replicated without corrupting the data. Each of the models must be quietly aquired and examined to find the original, and the original returned to the owning family. There are maybe a dozen replica models of the quality in this forgery, and only partial records exist to check against the replica's owned by other families. Possible complications could include everyone's model not being the one they should have, and a recent discovery or development making the planet a much more valuable place for strategic reasons.
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