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Seriously cool settings

Max S.

I hate it here.
Sure, but every time I flip through it I still feel like if I buy it I'd be supporting some filthy Reds ;)

I'll read the thing fully during my next flgs visit.

Max Tangent, who knows what a Commie is (for real).


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My favorite settings are


Space 1889


I tend to like anything that tweaks or even mixes genres over a straight setting. Horror in the Old West. Space Travel via Steampunk or Magic.


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Balbinus said:
What ones would you put forward?
If you're interested in a new cool setting that will be coming out by The Godlike Group (courtesy of Hobgoblynn Press), you should check out the following link -


We'll be releasing WILD TALENTS this summer... a divergent history from GODLIKE's Timeline, in which all brakes are taken off the Talents' Power... and the World Goes Mad. It'll be Four Color Superhero Gaming taken to the limit!

The best part of it is, _you_ get to determine what happens next... and Kenneth Hite is writing the chapter on how to build your Own Alternate GODLIKE Future.

I'm going to enjoy editing this one...

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Whispering Vault (too bad about the rules)
Delta Green

Wraith interests me, but I'm not quite sure what sort of game to run with it.


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Nexus: Infinite City
Cowboy Bebop (not an official game setting, but I had a lot of fun running a game using it)
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