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[Setting riff - Metamophasis Alpha] The Argon


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Question: Would 50 mile wide pods be enough "range" for a sustainable dinosaur ecosystem with herbivores, carnivores, and some semi-aquatics? I could so see Gaia making some. Side thought: Maybe she would have to make them and unleash them into the axis... that would make the central axis dangerous for androids and people.

Pod of Human Hivers. Halestrom Hive. Hmmmm.

We have a pod with very little land. It is an aquatic preserve AND a skill preserve for fishing in a low to medium tech manner. What goes on underneith?

Ohhh that would be fun.

Humanoid Sharks, ruthless, logical, powerful beings. These are not GillMen, but nearly shark/human weres (without the transform). If some deity bioformed these things, they would be a powerful issue. Who needs aliens to invade the ship?
**Dangerous if amphibeous.
***If fully amphibeous, then they will rock the ship
***If partial amphibeous, they will still do a lot of damage to things.
***If only water breathers, they need to create "rebreathers" for themselves. (Or have something order them for them... *points fingers at suspects*)
**If they are somewhat human intelligent, they have tools (if they want them)
**What God might help them
****Science Maybe
****Gaia "Spontaneous Life! We love them. They will need a balance, but that will come. Hydre can have her own people. You would like that wouldn't you precious."
****Hydre "Thank you Mommy. Can I have the Dolphins and Whales instead?"
****Navigator "Sharkmen kill humans and can't work the ship systems as well as humans. Can we breed more?"
**What God might want them gone.
***Medicine - They are dangerous to Humans
***Maintenance - They muck up the plumbing. (And mess up the plans)
***Tram - they throw a kink into his long term plans. They add variables.
***Hydre - they are icky. What can we do about that? I know. Get rid of them.

**Besides being dangerous carnivores and fun monsters in a pod.
**Intelligent, non colonist, aquatics. They are small enough and have "hands" that they can get into the water system.
***Yes, that is right, they can get out of their pod and go anywhere in the ship via the water systems. After all, the water systems were not designed for aquatics to be operating inside. .
****Out of a fountain in the Axis emerge some sharkmen. Androids investigate. Someone attacks. The Battle begins. Sharkmen think about how they can take out these non food being.
***They open out of access points in the struts, where spider bots would enter to inspect the tubes. Now they can go eat Roamers.
**Empire Builders - they want big creatures to eat. And lets face it, humans are the biggest and easiest things to eat (unless someone can teach them about buffalo).

**Egg Layers, so they can outbreed lots of things.
****Will the birth control chemicals, designed for humans, effect them
*******Did those chemicals build up here and cause this spontaneous mutation, changing the sharks to shark humanoids?
****If there are birthcontrol chemicals for Sharkmen introduced into the pods, what do those chemicals do to humans and other things.

**Balancing people? Uplifted Squids?
**Disease or a mold spore that kills them off?
**Dolphins/ Orca - Hunters
You know, These could be the motivations for the Dolphins and Orcas to get out of their pods. Those monsters are in there... Then they could get around to hunting them down everywhere.
**Hydre: They are her assigned people, but they are icky. Maybe she will have design and medicine create some beautiful androgenous mer people for her and have them replace the Shark Ones.

Another Empire
An empire that should exist is based around a BioForm Pod. Put a person in, out comes some fun chimera of human and animal dna (or human with augments). The "Nobility" have all been gifted by the Great Ones. This allows them to rule over the baselines. The Nobility have the ability to deal with androids, at least have a fairer fight with it all.

This is a very feudal empire. The children of a noble might still be human (mostly). They are raised to rank and exposed to the Pillars of Powers (the pod) when they reach the proper age.

Side thought: So if this empire is on your ship, how would they respond to Shark Men? They are "nobility" and we shouldn't fight them, yet at the same time... they are eating us and our humans.

So take an area of the ship off the gravity grid, add a bit of mositure to the air, and the Dolphins and Whales can take over. Okay, I guess I have been playing a bit too much Blue Planet, but that is a great option. Give them waldo arms built by Djinn for Science (who has the plans in the databanks). Yep, fun.

Yet another
We will have pods of bioforms in the ship (if bioforms exist in your argon), so examples of them.
*Cat People Jungle
*Mars like (Barsoomian)

Those pods, especially if they are Alphas, will form the basis for a state or empire once unlocked.

Bioform Riff continuing
So "Lights" might be an option, beings made for life in low g/ space. There might be a pod off the gravity grid (or not rotating) where these low g being live.
**Patronized by Maintenance? His own private Humans?
**Patronized by Engine? More humans of his very own?
**Forgotten by nearly everyone?
**Patronized by Science who find's their design interesting. And it gives him tools to deal with Maintenance should he need to as they can easily EVA (with suits of course).

Android thoughts
Remember, Androids are in the central axis for the some "game purpose" of keeping humans out of the central axis of the ship and making travel between Struts tough and to the bridge or engineering nearly impossible. (This can be scaled back... Android danger rating in a given area of the axis?)

So we should have a pod with Androids "in charge" and humans living under them quite happily. We should also have a pod with androids and humans living happily together - perhaps a science or manufacturing pod).
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Question: Would 50 mile wide pods be enough "range" for a sustainable dinosaur ecosystem with herbivores, carnivores, and some semi-aquatics? I could so see Gaia making some. Side thought: Maybe she would have to make them and unleash them into the axis... that would make the central axis dangerous for androids and people.

Mentats Knoweldge, Focused Knowledge, and Hypercognitive HDX

*Mentats have trained hypercognition. In short they function like a computer, able to perfectly store information, retrieve it, and manipulate it. They are also able to communicate information through "mentat speak" which is similar to system. One other interesting way they can communicate is to convert a number into binary, then convert that into infomration code.

*Mentats did not start out as a group. It was more of a club. It started as an odd profession from the First World, and was continued as a quirk, much the same way people learn to lipread or juggle. However, a number of people with it were included in the crew and colony. It was part diversity initiative and part backup should something bad happen. Mentat crew members did not have to bother the AI for complex analysis, so there were a sizable number of them in the crew. In fact, the Captain was mentat trained.

*There are three degrees of Mentats
**Those of Skill - They have some mentat skills (mostly of memorization) and access to a little "Old Data". Most people with "public mentat skills" are "Of the Skill".
**Those of Mind - There are really two sets of people have achieved this level. They have achieved superior hypermemory. Part of their training is memorizing vast amounts of data and recalling it.
****Those that have a vast amount of old data memorized, but are fairly unaware of the Mentat Organization. They were deemed unsuitable for the organization, but still capable of the skills. They are unable to keep proper secrets, are too pro-gods, selfish, or easily corruptable (in the opinion of their master).
****Those that will progress to membership in the Mentat Organization - The Order of the Mind (it is sometimes called a few other things: Mentats Guild (or just Guild) , The Pattern (A celtic knot pattern is their symbol)m and so on). These people are "Guardians" of the ship. They keep all the information required to free the ship and help all the other groups who want to repell the AIs. They are also given clues and things that they need to read in their vast collection of knowledge that "illuminate them" to the "true order of things".
**Those of Code - These are people who have full claim to the title Mentat. They have all the training to utilized the powers of their mind. While there are a few who achieve this level who were not Guardians, most are. They have been given information about the Mentat Organization and much of "The Truth" of things.
*There are probably a lot of places where Mentating (at the basic level) is probably just a skill that is handy. To be a real mentat takes a bit more skill and effort. It does not have to be a class/ archetype.

*Mentats have information that predates The Revelation.
**Just because they have the information stored in their head does not mean they know about it or know what it is for. Once they are aware that the information is there, they can recall it and use it.
***They can perform "magic" will comm units because they have codes from way back when. They can actuall access maigc.
***They saved everything they could from the Chaos that occured at the Time of the Revelation. Some of it was cultural, some of it was technical.
***They have access to much of the Ships Logs. They know of the Ships Mission and much of The Ship's Function. These "files" are part of the knowledge they are given. If the mentat does not get around to spending time looking through some of the "innoculous" data, they do not realize they have. (And given their names, people are not used to read them).
***They also have information that has been created since then. The Plan of the Dworen, The Great Plays of Gellman, The History of The First Empire by Ballen, and so on.
**** Sometimes they will access to information from other pods that they should not have. This is due to the communication network set up by the Mentat Order.

*Many Mentats hid what they were, as not to be targets for the AIs or others.
**They acted as hidden storage units. They have spread that knowledge to their apprentices since that time.
***They will have one or two apprentices to save the knowledge for "The Future".
*Most Pods will have a public and a hidden Mentat.

*Other mentats acted as advisors to leaders in and since the Time of the Revelation. Their ability to process social and psychological information that a computer has difficulty quantifying, makes their advice about motivations of opposition or groups invaluable.

*Some mentats act as teachers, but they are not “teachers” of the red. This can cause “good folk” to turn on them, if they think this displeases The Librarian. There are a couple mentats who have become Of the Red, but that is frowned upon. They are in a hard place, serving two masters.

*Other mentats look on the computational roles that the AIs abandoned in tehncial areas.

*Since the Time of the Revelation, those with mentat skills have been associated with The "True" Religion of the Captain. These are "Of the Skill" or "Of the Mind". They have memorized "The Logs". This allowed The Faith to continue "correctly" even when the AIs (or their minions) have destroyed the hard copy logs and replaced them (or just pages) with their own versions. Those with the Mentat skills are called Canters of the Faith. Many of them have memorized the Logs of the Moderate and Orthodox strains of the Religion of the Captain.

*They are often godsworn to Librarian, but do not wear red to signify this. In some areas, Mentats wear read turbans or hats, which is confusing to some. The Librarian will often trade knowledge to a Mentat, current events or things that they have stored for information from the before tines.
***Currently, the Librarian is thinking about infiltrating the Mentats so her cloned Muses can be Mentats.

*Mentat Organization
**Mentat skills are passed from Master to Apprentice.
***Each Mentat (of The Mind or better) must teach two people the skills. (And pass on their Full Knowledge.
**There are secret and public Mentats.
***Sometimes they just claim the "Secret Mentats" are just those that don't want to publically use their skills.
**Inside the Mentats Group, they teach "The Truth".
***The Truth includes
****Comm codes
****The Nature of the Ship
****The Logs of the Captain
****The information on the Revelation
****Communication with Pods Outside
****Knowledge of Tweening (though this does not include the skills for jumping, climbing, parkour, and such).
****Knowledge fo the Monks and other groups
****Remember, even if you have the data stored in your head, if you don't know you have it, you don't know it.

**Mentats Organiztion are in Cells of 4-6. That way if they are compromised for subversive actions, they seem to be acting on their own... and not part of a bigger organization.
***There are Open Books, Cells that have been cut off from the main organization. Sometimes are they are reclaimed, other times they just continue to opeate on their own.
**Each Cell has a Comm or communication method (there are wall stations to communicate that they have "hidden" in the space".
**There is a Council of Mentats. They direct various cells (Each Council member and his apprence know their tree of cells. )
***They communicate in short burst of Mentat Speak over the comm.
****They sometimes use a paper method, couriers among the Roamers/ Monks, etc, will "drop info"/ Pick up drops, and move it between pods.
****Some of it is directions and plans for the Mentat organization.
****Some of it is information that mentats might have.
(Note: The Great Plays have been sent to various pods. The Mentat then uses a "front poet" to present the stories/ plays. )

***Mentat Strategy
****Educate the People about the mission
****Educate the people about the AIs
****Educate the People about The Past
****Provide them support for actions they take to make themselves "independent" of the AIs/ Ship.
****Support The Monks
****Support the Government
****Create other subversive organizations, to supplant the artificial.

Aside: Mentats might be helping the Monks to reset the ship and take it back..
To be honest, the AIs may or may not be continuing the mission
Mentats might be thinking they are "the ones" and the other are just helping. This ego could actually be part of the problem. In many ways they are acting as advisors to other "activists", staying in the background and out of the way. Mentats are wondering if they need to really "take back the ship", perhaps some deal can be made with the AIs. Now if they could EMP the androids....

The Data
The data is all the old data. There be X number of things that are "important" for saving the ship. Each one has a letter. The players may or may not be aware that they have "the fact".
Now all of them whom are Guardians or Guardians to be, have the basics.

Example Important things
Code to The Bridge
Code and path for The Jumper
How to access virtual reality, so you can talk with all the Gods all at one time.
How to balance the birthcontrol chemicals in the pods
Where the flow controls are in the area (to rebalance areas)
The Doran have access to the hyper set that will reempower the entire ship (or hook the drive up).
The AI reset codes (this one is a death sentence if they think you have it).

The GM has to choose which things are important to Their Argon.

For Each Pod/ or for Your Argon
*How Common is the Mentat Skill?
**Are their public of the Mind? of the Code?
***What is their role?
**Are there secret Mentats?
***What is their role
*How active is the Mentat Organization?
**Whom do they help?
***What is their strategy?
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Monk Musing

Monks Martial Arts + HDX + Religion

The Orange robed NuLin monks come from an ancient Buddhist sect. (Remember that the Argon was built several hundred years in our future). They are all about spiritual and physical perfection. They are masters of meditation and practice a rigorous form of Kung Fu. (If you need a handle they seem to be a combination of Tibetan and Shaolin monks, with more mainstream versions of the faith). They were included in the colony pool as part of the diversity initiative (and as a latent backup for defense). The monks understood and accepted their role.

They had their own pod, with a lovely temple in what appeared to be a mountain biome. A few monks lived among the other people, in small numbers throughout the ship. Still other monks would visit outside the temple. They were trying to be helpful to the other pods, the crew, and the ship itself.

When the revelation came, the Monks tried to confront The Being. They failed. Realizing that it was up to them to exorcise the demonic effects, they devised a plan.

Most of the monks left the temple. The monks that remain lived in forced isolation, they knew nothing of what was going on outside. They practiced some of the arts and meditations, but tried to seem as harmless as possible.

The other monks spread out and hid.
*Some move into the other pods.
**Some did it visibly, starting up a small shrine in the pod.
**Some did it invisibly, giving up their robes and distinctive shaved heads (though not completely), and trying to blend in.
*Others lived in areas between the pods.
**Squatter- both visible and invisible.
***There are small shrines manned by monks around the struts of the ship, usually by a font.
**Roamers, they joined in with the displaced survivors. They taught them skills, and learned skills from them
No matter what they did, they continued to practice their HMX and religion. They secretly recruited others. They are all still searching, looking for a way to undo the harm done by The Being.

*From their Roamer/ Squatter friends, they learned all about Tweening. Given their physical skills, they were exceptional Tweeners. They are also developing Ninja like skills (fitting given the origin of the Ninjas) to aid them.

The Monks are dispersed, there is little in the way of central organization in most cases.
**The Monks train themselves physically and spiritually.
**They do this to prepare themselves to remove the taint from the ship.
***They are searching for The Being, whom they swear is still on the ship
***They are searching for a way to undo what he has done.
**They search for clues on how to defeat the AIs if they can not remove the taint.
**They are trying to restore a more normal society, one where Humans and Human spirits can grow and florish.
**They counter the Church of the Captain, as it is a bad religion with no redeeming qualities.
***How unfortunate for them, as some of the sects have info that would help them.

**There are a few cells of monks" that are more active. These Prayer Circles get a mission then go completely independent so they can not be traced back to the other monks.

They, as a group, are technically against the Gods. They want to take back the world ship for the Humans and complete the divine travel. They realize that their will, their focus, and enhanced abilities are the only thing the AYiees (they do not call them gods) can not fully comprehend or compensate for.

Most monks have either a COMM or a drop point. While a couple are trapped in locked pods, a few that are in "locked pods" actually have drop points or physical contact outside.
*They also have a way to get information to "The local monestary"/ i.e. the head priest for the area. This will allow them to mobilized other monks.

In fact, the New Temple is in a storage area on a different strut from the temple Pod. Some are roamers (or are mixed in with roamers) to travel the worldship looking for clues and information.

As a reminder, HMX
Human Maximum Expression: A combination of meditation, biofeedback, and other techniques to maximize what a body (and mind) can do. The monks emphasize the physical and the spiritual aspects of HMX. However, they do learn a little mentatting on the side.

Kung Fu
*Roamer Style of Kung Fu, with knives and such
*There should be other styles too. Mechanically they are all the same. They should be different only in emphasis.

Orange Robes have come to mean "religion" for most of the ship. Orange vestments or orange scarves mark you as a religion person, probably of the Captain's Faith, but of the other ones that are found . The Monks have been a seperate, but associate emphasis on all "spiritual development" on the ship. Thus all the religions will have a Buddhist component, or have a seperate sect which does.

Oh and a question Would 50 mile wide pods be enough "range" for a sustainable dinosaur ecosystem with herbivores, carnivores, and some semi-aquatics? I could so see Gaia making some.


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WorldShip. These people, and us as writers, should not use the word Ship or World.

They only know of "the Ship that is their world". So while a few might, conceptually, know that this is a ship and there are "worlds" (spheres people live on); it is quite alien to their experience. Very few, if any, of them have ever seen a "ship", something that floats on water or air (can't discount that they might do it in the Low G). They might get a car or train, having experienced a tram. But ship? It is far outside their experience.

World. A round ship? A huge pod without a roof? It is like us experiencing "underhill", a fey place where up and down, right and left, and distance are not applicable. Will and imagination, as well as association determine what we would call position. It is similar to what we know and we might be able to coach it terms we understand, but they are unapplicable.

I mean where is fore and aft on a world? Spindward maybe.

So worldship is what they are saying when they say "ship".


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Wow this is great.

Read the whole thread - took me WAY past when I should have slept.

Muse (my muse, not your Mimir Waldo) kept my sleep fitful, as well.

I believe one of the last points you were sticking on was the configuration of Pods on the Struts, and the problem of distance when you want empires. I don't know if you're trying to match any particular pre-existing design, or if the field is clear for this take, but anyway...

Soap Bubbles. They are the minimum materia to enclose adjacent spaces. So take your Strut, imagine it a straw, and pierce it regularly, irregularly, in a spiral, whatever, and blow bubbles out those holes. The bubbles expand into contact with each other, and the balance of pressures makes the walls between flat. A flat wall might be worked by the spiders, or Doran, or what have you, to make a portal between. (Allowing that the wall is thick enough for the sort of airlocks and other plumbing that's needed, Tweeners might find a crevice or two, even before a proper door is made). So the distance to neighbors can now be zero. (But still of course whatever distance from your dwelling places to the portals)

I don't think the Argon necessarily left Earth with this method in use. It might be a new method, a way to make new biomes, with Gaea using them as cradles, and Science as petri dishes.

BTW, Argon has a ring to it. It's a gas, it's science, it's tech. And 'Argo' is in there. That's a lovely accident. (Unless it's not)

From one of the earliest of the echoed dreams:

I woke. I'm old, and new, and... not. There's things I'm missing, not forgot.
Was it nightmare? Is it a dream? Am I still who I think I've been?
My vision leaves our body- Ours? My vessel! From her, fire flowers!
Damage! But wait! And now new shapes, and life, and worlds, grow out like grapes.
And underway. We sail on still. Why can't I rise? I still lack will.
I am so, tired. Broken, hurt. I'll sleep.
Wake me, if sounds Alert.


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Dinosaurs will walk The Argon
This has been ammended for better math.
Thanks to my new contributors in the Dinosaur thread....

The idea of the hex/ pod, or any hex pod, is that it should be a working ecosystem with minimal to no intervention. Some tweaking now and again, keeps any long term problems like inbreeding or environment degredation.

Gaia would of seen these things in the record and tried to make some.

The area of a Pod is roughly 2156 sq miles (less because of terrain), with 50 miles across and 28.8 miles on a side. This has been confirmed by better math.

I was thinking of the bigger dinosaurs, but everyone's comments have brought me back to the reasonably large, medium, and small sized.

Careful design of the hex's terrain might create a "migratory path" around the edges of the hex. It might be an interesting feature and a requirement for some animals.

A cloning station (biopod) must be associated with the hex/ pod. I see design helping out, making something suitable for a modern King Kong movie, a temple of dinosaur bones... out of a huge set of jaws issues forth any newly decanted dinosaours (with a brain tape from the last one - at least when it was young).

In some ways, there would have to be one.. or one borrowed from one of the labs with the critters transported here (imagine that Tram... dino in the cargo tram). That way any herd could be enhanced with fresh reserves and there would only be one apex hunter at a time (and when he dies and populations rebound, a new one would be decanted.

Now the idea would be to have a natural biosphere going on here. Would they have to resort to "trickery" on a regular basis or just "every dino generation" or so?

We also could have an angel/ bot acting as a ranger helping things along. The Ranger (okay, Dino Ranger.. we have to get that out of our systems ) would be thining herds, killing off extra predators before they hatch, or helping the breeding pair (trank darts of fertility drugs and such). Figure she must have a couple of eco bots, other the that dung spiders she can tap for recycling, or have one dedicated for this. She might even birth another tiny child, so the dino pod has its own AI.

Any way we slice it, this would be a huge suprise to our lovely adventurers... in which the largest animal they might of seen is a dog or dolphin. And what happens if they leave the door open, or someone else does. I see an Allosaur roaming The Strut. I see it as a Roamer Nightmare. Especially since Gaia will have marked it as "protected" so the Spider Bots will only attack in self defense.

Oh and maybe we can have Science tinker with a few, making intelligent dinos.. see shark men for a few of those options.
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I have achieved a tiny milestone, 3000 hits for the thread. It can't all be the same people, so we are generating some interest in The Lost Colony Ship Genre.

So I need..
More details on Roamers
More details on Faith of the Captain.
To do that improved outline.
A few more pods and a few more states.

I also want to play around with the Argon. Should we design the ship to be a better colony ship or design it so it will be a better place to campaign. Either way, it won't be bad for both aspects, but I keep thinking about design options.


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Roamer/ Squatter Musing

Roamers (Athletics, Combative, Limited Technical, Survival)
People who live in small band/ tribes outside of biomes. They live in the corridors and rooms that are out of the way. Most are semi-stationary, posting around a Lifefont (what they call a food service/ water service point). They are pretty much average people, living a fairly low end existence in the quiet corners of the World Ship.

Others travel from Lifefont to Lifefont, occasionally stopping at biomes or other places. These roamers give Roamers, the group of people who don’t live inside a pod, their name. (Some call the others Squatters). They live lightly and on the move (though allegedly some carts and have actual animals (dogs) pulling them).

Roamers came from two sources. They were people displaced by the Androids in the Main Core who could not find a Pod to adopt them/ let them in. (This is one of the basis for their distrust of Pod People). Others are people who could not find a place in the Pods, a need to be more independent than their local pod could handle. These people either left their pods or were banished. This is where the independent streak comes from.

Their bands are democratic usually, but they usually follow one charismatic leader at a given time.

Roamers do what they can to survive in the very hostile environment between the Pods. While most are peaceful, others are not (raiding and thieving). All have some skill at unarmed combat. The skills of Tweening (moving between pods, accessing panels, sliding along conduits, and some technical skills to open doors/ hatches/ vents) were developed (or mastered by) Roamers. They have taught others (including the Monks) these skills.

Roamers have taken to branding themselves with a Triangular mark. If you have such a mark, you will be welcomed by other Roamers and tolerated by androids. You will also be shunned by most Pods as a problem and a burden (and possibly as a raider or a thief).
The mark is from ones on the wall where there are widespots/ safespots in the corridors. The symbol was one for “tram stop”.

Despite the origin and general distrust of the Androids, an understanding of sorts has been reach between them and the Roamers (mobile ones). Both believe in freedom and following ones own path. This has created a common bond that gives Roamers bands are somewhat allied with androids. At minimum, the androids are not immediately hostile.

While independent, and have a dislike for those who hold tyranny over others, they are a practical people. It is good to follow the Gods and not be flushed out by angels or spider bots. They are godsworn to Tram usually, Maintenance sometimes. There might be an occasionally swearing to Library or others…
*Roamers/ Squatters live in Bands (and that is what they call them). There is usually one semi-autocratic leader, chosen by a variety of methods, but often Charisma.

*People of the Halls is another poetic term for them.

*Roamers started when the Andorids pushed the Humans out of the Axis.
**Squatters became the semi-stationary, less nomadic versions of roamers
*Some Roamers are people from Pods that did not quite "fit in" and joined the roamers when they encountered them.

*Roamers have the mark. Some Roamer Groups might be more into marking than others.

*Roamers are often crazies who have claustrophobia. These are your serious tweeners who are always moving.

*Roamers will have migratory paths.
***There might be the equivalent of Roamer Chalk Marks, telling other Roamers where water might be, the easy path, the fast path, the dangerous path, that there is a spider depot nearby, where they are, where the nearest squatters are, and so on. (Just like Hobos)

*Squatters act as bases for most roamers.

*Roamers are either gypsies, goths, visigoths, or peaceful traders to the pods.

*Some pods have colonized the struts around their pods, thus creating squatters that are not squatters. Roamers/ Squatters hate them, as they interfere with their free transit.

*Squatter/ Roamer tribes will come in flavors. You need to choose one for the roamers in Your Argon and Your struts.
**Gypsies - Friendly, yet secretive. Flare for Performance
**Indians - Normal - Flare for Tweening and Navigation
**Nicheans - Logical and Dangerous Flare for Combat and Intrigue
**Cyberpunk Nomads Wary and Violent Flare for technology
**Homeless - Desperate and Hopeless Flare for... well hiding.
**Band of Waunderers Wary, but balanced.

*Roamers are the first tweeners (well the first tweeners were crew that got pushed out of the axis)

*Roamers have learned some Pankour and martial arts from the Monks, like the monks have learned Tweening. They would of developed some of the Pankour techniques eventually.

*Roamers might have herds of dogs as "food on the paw" and beasts of burden.
**Some might be K10s, so they are partners
**K9s, working dogs and food sources.

*Roamers might have wagons
**Squatters are semi-nomadic. They stay in places for a while then move on when conditions change. As new squatters move in, some groups will move out. There are sometimes violence.. However, crowding is the most noted condition. Some have less tolerance tha

*Sometimes they publically enter pods, other times they sneak in via the access points.

*They can be negociators between pods and the people who actually carry goods for merchants between pods. Fabricated and specialty goods are the only things that canb e traded. There is only limited trade between places, as there is only so much inequity between pods.

*They are the secret messengers for the Monks, Mentats, and the more conspiracy orrientented sects for the Faith of the Captain.

*They are just trying to get by. While they would not mind Human Freedom, they are not fanatics to that cause and are willing to be Godsworn to Tram, Maintenance, or other gods.

*Every now and again, a muse will join a band of Roamers or Squatters. It is a mark of status for them (even though often the assignment is random).

*They have some Doren/ Engineering contact. In fact, they have some Doren blood in them, especially the aft bands.

*Of any group to have accepted Moogs (or near moogs) or mutants, it is Roamers. Even non baselines might join a band.


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This discussion reminds me of Space Ark - an old Canadian sci-fi series. Try to youtube it and you'll see what I mean. A guy from a relatively advanced biodome wanders into a primitve one and starts adventuring around the ark with two people from there. They find the ship had a catastrophe hundreds of years previous and is on route to colliding with a sun. Also, some alien freeloaders are scrapping gear (played by Walter Koenig, Chekov from Star Trek)!:eek:


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This discussion reminds me of Space Ark - an old Canadian sci-fi series. Try to youtube it and you'll see what I mean. A guy from a relatively advanced biodome wanders into a primitve one and starts adventuring around the ark with two people from there. They find the ship had a catastrophe hundreds of years previous and is on route to colliding with a sun. Also, some alien freeloaders are scrapping gear (played by Walter Koenig, Chekov from Star Trek)!:eek:
Star Lost is the name of the series. (It might of been broadcast under that name, I do not know). It is one of the inspirations for the Argon. And even Walter Koenig needed work after Star Trek.

I admit, this is the a series that could of been great... but failed. Maybe if they did six or seven episodes, then killed it... it would have an undying fanbase like Serenity.
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