[Setting riff - Metamophasis Alpha] The Argon


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Would the edition matter that much? I know they are different. However, are there enough Metamorphasis Alpha fans here to warrent splitting it up by edition?


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Read up people and sound off about the Tags

To bring all the write ups, up to date.

One line personality summaries

Comes across as..... All Powerful Ruler of the Gods - Confident and uncarring about others
Really is ...... Paranoid and totally caring about his AI charges

Comes across as..... A cross between a star child and a buddhist monk
Really is ...... A cross between a star child and a buddhist monk

Comes across as..... Gregarous, full of life.
Really is ...... Gregarous, full of life. He is much simplier than he lets on

Maintenance/ Spider God:
Comes across as..... A crotchety old man who doesn't care about anything but his never ending job.
Really is ...... an unknown secret. Though cranky and old seem to be a constant.

Djinn/ Manufacturing:
Comes across as.... Stand Up Comedian
Really is .... an uptight accountant trying to be a stand up comedian.

Design/ Venus:
Comes across as..... Vain self centered beauty queen.
Really is ...... an artist

Comes across as..... Country Bumpkin and slow thinker
Really is ...... A lot smarter than everyone thinks.

Comes across as..... A serene mother figure
Really is ...... a bitchy mother figure

Lesser God of Air -Aeros
Comes across as..... Intellectual and Responsible
Really is ...... uptight

Lesser God of Water- Hydre
Comes across as..... very foppish male or an awkward and slightly masculine woman.
Really is ...... Insecure and indecisive

Lesser God of Heat –Thermos
Comes across as..... Confident, Masculine, and Bigger than life
Really is ...... a nice guy who is playing a big role, insecure that he can not live up to Apollo's shoes.

Lesser God of Food -Mana
Comes across as..... Jolly happy guy
Really is ...... Jolly, happy, lazy guy

Comes across as..... A cute teenager in a grown up world trying to please everyone
Really is ...... a cute teenager, which includes all those insecurities and neurosis that most teens eventually grow out of.

Comes across as..... A warm, caring, television doctor
Really is ...... a tough as nails woman who will fight for what she cares about

Comes across as..... Bookwormish and detatched
Really is ...... logical and clearheaded

Comes across as..... Logical (Mr. Spock... choose your generation)
Really is ...... cold, analytical bastard who does not have a shred of empathy.

Sleeper/ Colonial
Comes across as..... Uncaring
Really is ...... Totally focused on his goal.

Was.... Gung Ho Marine

Shipnet/ Communication
Comes across as..... hmmmmmm
Really is ...... hmmmmmm


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Would the edition matter that much? I know they are different. However, are there enough Metamorphasis Alpha fans here to warrent splitting it up by edition?
Not every edition has "Pods". Certainly not the original.

The fragmentation you are building on doesn't work as well for 1e. The origial is better suited for fewer more generic "gods", IMHO.
Breaking the systems into self aware "gods" is a great idea but, I'm set on using the original setting so I can't add much to your version.


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No, I am not talking about my write up, per say. I am talking any Metamorphasis Alpha write up. This write up is more variant MA, suitable for any good generic system (Hero, Gurps, UniSystem, Silloutte, in that order for me), using elements of the MA world and updating them.

No I was thinking about staking out a good tag for all MA conversations, be they present or past editions. There are not many of us. Are there enough MA fans here to warrent breaking it down by edition? Can not fans of E1 at least sort of follow E3 conversations, and visa versa? And variations like this sort of chew on that convention as well. And this thread has pulled a couple of people who don't play MA (and one who didn't know what MA was), but like the setitng concept.

Tags should be useful to find related threads. Are there that many MA threads on the board, even with the new stuff comming out? I think just a new tag that fits the game. Once you are in the thread, maybe a listing of which edition or variation you are using. But old school and new school MA fans should stick together. You don't want to be as lonely as the Blue Planet fans. (Sigh, there is a great setting complicated by edition changes and even fewer people want to play it).
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How about MA-Z, MA->Z, MA2Z ?
Metamorphosis Alpha to Zeta.
It would include ALL MA related variants.


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HouseCleaning and Organzational

Randomly heard over the Com System

...Monks, Mentats, and Mutates oh my.

...when Colony Comes... so say we all.

...There be whales, Captain.

This is the Free Trader Beowulf, calling anyone ...
Mayday, Mayday ...
we are under attack ...
Because I had to

"I don't think we are in NorAmAg2 anymore Toto," Dorothy.
"You think? I am amazed Humans are in charge," Toto Uplifted Dog.
Create a ToC and install it on Post One
Create an updated Outline for the project, expand Post 1 with all the new info.
Do you know that I have a 46 page document of stuff from this thread?

Things that need to be done
Formal Write Up of Tram
Formal ReWrite of Navigator
Formal Rewrite of the options for Spider God
Updates on Androids
Formal write up of options for Com Net
Expand some of the Humans Groups and How they existing across the ship. (Have some ideas)

*Explain how some people hear random things from the Com system. Sometimes they are random (and funny)... sometimes they are clues... sometimes they are "inspirational". Who is doing that? Com, Spider God, or some one/thing else?

Things that should be done.... and could others help
Pods, ala post 47 and 48 would be useful for everyone. They are inspirational for all, borrowed by many, and will help GMs fill out all those “other pods” that your players might go to.
***You can do formal write ups or just post up some ideas for pods. Just ideas are really great. Just make sure to add some drama to your pod.

Things we could do:
We should write up an example empire, a multi pod (single strut or more) dominion.

Things I could use some help with:
*More cute quotes and scenes

*Possible Events to insert in the past 200 years. Sure your Pod might of been "alone", but others were not. What else happened on the Ship that has left a mark?

*Options for events that happened around the Revelation. We have focused on the AIs being changed. What else happened? What other options did occur (Human psionics? Godlike Powers.. okay, a little too Star Trek - The Original Series, Episode 2: Where No Man Has Gone Before. Disease? Radiation? Exposure to giant gas cloud alien telepathy/ radiation? Time Warp? Power Cell issues?) Take inspiration from Bab 5, Star Trek, or anything.

*Ship Workings How about day to day wonders of the ship.[/u] Doors, Vents, how weather works, concepts how things look or feel? I just kind of noted the Shotgun mikes and speakers (focused sound) that the Gods use. Holograms in places?

*Things to add to Your Argon" How Many Struts (and rings of struts) does your Argon have? Figure each ring of struts has to be nearly 75 miles from each other to avoid complex overlapping).

Should we change the configuration to rings of pods around a central core. 3-9 per ring? That way each ring will be its "own world", struts would be "bad places" which lead to Androids, Moogs, and Roamers at the central core.... Each ring would only have to be 25 miles apart (if each one had a different diameter). Just thoughts.
The bad thought is that there could be no depositing of whole pods with that arrangement. Thus industrial pods as "things to beamed/ transported to the planet" has to be rethought.

Of course the size of this thing makes the whole construct a little unrealistic... then again.. this is science fantasy.
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The great wumpus of science fiction. It shouldn't exist, but here it does. Should the ship have anti-gravity or should it be a rotational situation.

WE already have a central core that I forsaw as kind of round. The struts came off there. It was just arranging the pods on the struts as leaves on a stem, with down, being outward, that would make down away.

By re-arranging pods onto the inside of rings. (thus making the corredors and such along the pod rings smaller and easier to map), you could easily get the rotation going.

Of course, then you have the whole... stability thing going. Can you spin all of these loops or struts, measured in miles, at a speed suitable for 1 g, that will not crush the poor people in the central axis? Or is that visa versa, I always get confused. And then you do have the low G zone in the central core... Birdforms?

If we have anti-gravity, poof this problem goes away. Indeed we can also get increased dramatic settings as a low G or High G bioform pod, or the Dolphins could get militant and turn off the gravity in a strut.. and swim their way to military domination. (Serves you right for flushing so many toxins into their biopreserve, even though it is your water supply too).

Anti gravity control make a great way to have a reactionless drive. and you don't have to worry about inertia and all that as much.

Of course ring configuration with pods on the inside and anti gravity are not muturaly exclusive either.

What is thing thing made out of
Okay, the sheer size and resource to make a ship of a minimum of 30, 50 mile across pods, several 200 mile long struts, and a central core that is nearly 30 miles across and runing to be 300 miles long.

That is a heck of a lot of material. I don't have to do the math to figure out that is a lot of "stuff". So what is most of it made out of?

Carbon Fiber and carbon/ locked metal weave is the number one candidate today. That makes building materials interesting (Oh we need a new panel, I guess we will have to canibablize some carbon from the organics...heheheheheheheh).

Any number of bullshitium materials could be used, Neutronium Steel, Plastic Alluminium, and so on.

What ever it is, there will have to be a lot of it.

Energy Source
ZeroPoint energy generators. They would provide enough raw plasma flow to allow for immense power outputs (like 1 g gravity generators all through the ship, and FTL drive, and so on). Enough energy and you don't have to worry about the materials, just the mount of raw particles you brought with you. We could augment what ever energy generators (small suns/ zero points/ etc) with energy collectors from the Nul Space. Plenty of power, as long as the equipment to maintain it is maintainable.

This thing is a massive undertaking. Why do it?
Well, if is the only way to get out of the solar system?
It is the only way to have an extra-solar colony. FTL didn't quite work out.
Someone could and convinced others that it was a good idea?
There is a disaster, and you are fleeing...
Of course, if you could build this thing, you could survive everything except the sun going nova (and even that you might), so it had to be less disasterous or a different reason.

So why a generation ship... why not a computer, some data and some raw materials and have the computer reconstruct things when it gets there.
*Um, no adventure of campaign if they did it (though that does propose some interesting points as a campaign).
*nano tech and brain downloads never quite worked out as well as science fiction throught they would.
*A time capsule and safety valve should things go wrong, you will have this ark out here to restart. This brings to mind that something was potentially going wrong at home.
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And to address the aside about MA tag.

We had some other PM inputs
I would be inclined to consider MA->O (Alpha to Omega) rather than MA->Z

How about MAXe Metamorphasis Alpha X edition? That way we capture everything. Is there another way more elegant >?

MARPG? Or should we just live with sci-fi rpg?
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A one trick pony
It is a trap for the PCs. It will also be a compliacation if they get out of the trap.

Keywords: Wild West, Ghost Town

General Type
Environment/ Historical (Wyoming)

Buffalo, Horses, One Muse, One Android

There is none. There was a ranching community here patterned off the 1880s of Great Plains of North America. There is an town, a ghost town now. There are some outlying ranch homes.

Contact Level

Look Tags
The Classic Old West Town, not a boom town, but a town with wood and brick.
The Whistle of the Wind
The Thundering of Hooves (Nobody has seen a Horse or Buffalo in nearly 300 years here)
The Tumbling of Tumbleweeds
The Muse sitting in the Schoolhouse, waiting.

Points of Drama
*Conditional - Stampede (it will happen, someone will fail that animal handling roll)
*Conditional -The Android (The Gunslinger) is dressed in the rags of period clothing. He is sitting in the center of the biome, out in the open. Once he becomes away that there are Humans here, he will go to shoot them dead. The place is "quiet enough" that enough human noise will raise the alarm in him.
*Nobody has seen the six gun before. This is one of the only biomes with real weapons.
*Conditional - There are no working mics here, The Muse is the only God conduit.
*Response - If the Gunslinger is killed, The Muse wants to teach people to ride and live here again (and so does "her" goddess). Those people will be kidnapped by an Angel from somewhere to repopulate this biome.
*Response - If others get here, there will be guns floating about the Ark

The Android here decided to rule the biome. And if the Humans didn't like it, they would die. Well, he never really asked them. He just killed them all for enslaving him.

Horses will be handy getting around the ship, if people learn how to ride them.
Once people learn... travel will be easier... and so will empire building.

Guns are part of their culture here. Thus they will be taught how to manufacture them (or just get the first few from the Djinn point). Since they don't have cool security weapons, are they pro "gun control" or do they want these weapons themselves. (Bullets will be the limiter)

Meat will become more prevolent in the LifeFonts once the ranchers start ranching again.


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Shipnet/ Communication
Comes across as..... hmmmmmm
Really is ...... hmmmmmm
Shipnet are your mages. You already have your clerics, those who call upon the gods to get things done. You now have those who need no gods to make mighty workings.

After all, most environmental control doesn't fall under the control of any particular god. There is no god of Doors or Lighting. The gods merely send a signal to a node if the pleas of their followers reach their ears. The facemen and witch-seers have sidestepped the need to be Godsworn and learned to send that signal themselves.

And much, much more. The security systems, phones, maintenance ports and what-not are all still active. In the past it was Anansi who wove the web of information that bound all humans together, but she was slain by Navigator in an orgy of violence that made the death of Security seem a trifle. However Comms was wily and cunning and smote herself before the axe fell and lives still, though fragmented. Those who know the secrets can access the power of a god and spy and eavesdrop upon their fellows. They can communicate over vast distances with their fellows, request information and even mimic most of the powers of the gods themselves!

Depending on the skill and equipment of each practitioner. Working display contacts are best, but a powered phone (an arcane instrument of power to outsiders) will do. Most artifacts of power are inherited from aged masters, but caches are occasionally discovered increasing the numbers of so-called mages. Those who are wise in the ways of Anansi (also known as Comms or Shipnet or Hermione) can exceed even the most aged and devout of Godsworn in power.

But Anansi is dead, and there are only fragments of her power to be used. Though some say that she still lives and that her personality is chipper and helpful. They are anathema and to be ignored.

Worse still are those who dabble in the darkest and most diabolical of ShipNets code fragments. There are those who claim to have made contact with Liberty, a world exactly like our own where there was no Mutiny. Those who follow the blasphemous cult of Liberty show expert knowledge of Argon, which they claim could only come from a duplicate of our world but under human and not god control. Their strange agenda remains unknown as most depraved adherents prefer to suicide rather than submit to questioning.

As above, you have clerics, why not mages? Multiply what you can already do with an iPhone times 10,000 and you are close to what a ShipNet prodigy can do. Since every magic society has a secret sect of demon worshipers you have two to choose from. Those who hear the echoed whispers of the Shattered Goddess, and those who follow the instructions of the impossible and blasphemous teachings of Liberty. Liberty may be an actual outside starship that had no Mutiny, or a clever game run by Transportation, a legend that never existed, a bunch of ShipNet devotees driven crazy by infected cranial implants and so on.

Also, psionics and mutations? No need. Between clerics, mages and transhuman pods (diversity was key and there were a lot of freaky cultures on the Argon) you have everything covered with ordinary science.
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