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🎨 Creative [Setting Riff] The Only Sci Fi Star Chart You'll Ever Need

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Read this thread and was inspired with the idea that you could probably do something similar for sci fi setings like Star Trek and Babylon 5. Of course, creating an entire universe is a big job, plus I'm not good at art so rather than doing all the work myself I thought how about a team effort. So here we are. Our task is to create a map of the galaxy that contains all the myriad tropes and elements seen in space-based stories and games.

I'll start the ball rolling by listing a few potential areas and features:

The Diverse Alliance of Nice Guys (or should it be The Nice Alliance of Diverse Guys?)
Proud Warrior Empire
Space Nazi Territory
Star Faring Rome
The Do Not Cross Zone
Elves With Starships
Casablanca Station
Ancient Space Gods' Lawn
Pleasure World
Starship Graveyard
Hostile Robot Hordes
Anomaly #12
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Mars, Dome Capitol Of The Universe
The Desert Backwater Planet
The Living Planet
The Police House In The Center Of The Universe
Portal To Contemporary Earth (But Not Other Planets)
You Are The First Starship In This Sector


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Asteroid Belt Full of Miners
Hidden Space Pirate Base
Space Whale Nebula
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The Planet of Endless City Towers (AKA Imperial Capitol)

The Planet of Cat Girls

The Planet of War Eternal!

The Cowboy Planet D' Gauchos

The Crappy Mining Planet Of Endless Mud and Cave-ins and Grue

The Crapping Asteroid Mining Belt of Endless Gambling and Fest Halls
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Retro Space Fuedalism nations
Jungle Planet
Volcano planet
Ice Planet
Desert Planet filled with the one comodity everyone must have
Alien Space China
Catgirl empire
Space pirate zone

Den of Earth

Ruler of Vice!
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Cyber-Zombie Sector (resistance is an ineffective tactic)

A.I. run amok planet (Hey, baby, you wanna kill all humans?)

Psychic Space Communists

Ruins of the Ancients Zone

Black Hole at the Center of the Galaxy with Gods/Devils trapped inside

Wormhole to the other Universe where you can meet your evil self (and see what you look like with a beard)

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The Dead Precursors' former territory. [edit: Yeah so Ruins of the Ancients]

Live Precursors (Who Are Totally Not The Remnant Of The Dead Precursors)'s Forbidden Space [edit: Or, Forbidden Sector Of The Ancients Who Are not The Dead Ancients]

Planet of the Man-Apes

Dyson Sphere

[edit: Lost Shangri-La Planet of the otherwise Dead Ancients]
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