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[Setting] Survivalists' Paradise, based around Fallout

Conrad Gray

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I'm building a post-apocalyptic world from popular franchises. Tonally speaking, could this work?

I think for this mosaic setting I'd just try to shy away from series that are either too magical/sci-fi, and also YA ones. There can be another mosaic world where the Hunger Games, Divergent, Battle Royale, Maze Runner, etc. coexist, but hell if I'm going to be the one to make it.

most of the former United States: Fallout series
Oregon: The Postman
Russia: Metro 2033
the Ukraine: S.T.A.L.K.E.R.
Australia: Mad Max series
high seas: Waterworld

As you can see, I'm using the Falloutverse as the core of this mosaic- the main events from that series are the backbone of the timeline. I figure it's a good balance between classic post-apocalyptic tropes and also enough cool worldbuilding to flesh out large parts of the map.

Now, obviously the settings have different tech levels, but maybe they can be explained. For example, Fallout is all about nuclear war between the U.S. and China. Maybe Russia- aren't they still the Soviet Union- was left out because they were on a decline, so thus the underground of Metro 2033 don't get super-tech. On the flipside, they also don't get the FEV. And the Zone of Alienation is in this setting because of Chernobyl magic, and it's just cool. Imagine Stalkers leaving the Zone and making their way to Russia.

I almost want to toss in Snowpiercer as well, but we'd have to change the reason the train was built to be less "this is the only warm place in the global ice age" and more "Wilford luxuriously protects us from the radiation and raiders outside." Imagine if that train pulled into Moscow station...

Could Tank Girl and Mad Max exist in the same apocalyptic Australia? Heck, throw in the Aussie-commandeered sub from On the Beach while we're at it.

Judge Dredd

I kind of want to shoehorn more, like Escape from New York. In a surprise twist, the most obviously nukable city in fiction is not nuked, because previously it was converted into a giant prison prior to the war, and survives still as such. You can also definitely throw in elements from Brian Wood's DMZ.

I also want throw in a scaled-down, less high-tech version of Mega-City One, maybe as an arcology. For irony, let's say it's north of Manhattan prison and the Capital Wasteland and Bethesda Boston: the Judges protect the former city of Montreal. It's mostly a Canadian conurbation, founded by the descendants of the American occupation forces from Fallout. But instead of turning into the Enclave, they culturally mutate into a different kind of fascism. Heck, let's say they keep Manhattan around instead of absorbing it because that's where they dump the prisoners!

Mega-City One would be analogous to Rifts Chi-Town, what with them being ruled by jackbooted authoritarians, and in an ironic twist they're headquartered in Canadia, whereas in Rifts, Quebec is a rebellious non-core part of the Coalition. How about we reverse it- there's a proto-Mega-City Two (or whatever # they're at) based around the ruins of Chicago, except it's barely an outpost in the wartorn shell of the city. It's main thing of note is that the up and coming Judge Prosek is quite ambitious, and would gladly like to bring the Midwestern Brotherhood of Steel incursion to heel.

I'm thinking that Mega-City One can be a reverse of the Enclave- unlike the latter's expansionist, revanchist goals, MC1 has mostly written off the rest of the wasteland, opting to focus on its sole city. It does have a few resource extraction outposts, with Manhattan Prison being the largest one of them, but it has no desire to resurrect either the United States or Canada. It would be too much work, and despoil the purity of the city. So you have this big self-satisfied powerhouse in the far north, with a bunch of prewar tech. It's sort of like Imperial China to the rest of North America's Dark Ages Europe. But that's the current attitude of the ruling Judges- others, such as the aforementioned Governor-Judge of Chicangu, have grander visions in mind.
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