Seven virtues/sins system

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Okay, this is VERY early—first thoughts on a system for a Chivalry and Sorcery type of design. Based in part on Dead of Night along with Lasers and Feelings.

Characters have stats paired on seven virtues and sins.

Roll d20 over for one stat or roll under d20 for the other (much like Lasers and Feelings).


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Reminded also of ICAR's "Deviant" wheel, although that was used more as a roleplaying guide then a mechanic... But it certainly had potential.

Icar uses the 'Deviant Wheel' as a way of representing the personality of the character. The Deviant Wheel is a radial disc of personality traits, with opposing traits opposite each other on the disc. Players colour divisions on the wheel to represent the strength of that trait, 4 in Selfish would yield a 1 in generous. The Deviant Wheel is a guide (not a restriction) for play and acts as a way of charting a character's personal growth.


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Okay, I’m not familiar with either one of these—I will check them out.
Both work by the same basic principle as Lasers and Feelings: roll over or under your stat depending on what you're trying to do. They do have some interesting widgets built on top of that, though.


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It probably won't work for what you're thinking of, exactly, but I MAY have spent way too much time designing Harmony and Strife magic for pony fanfic if you're interested. You've got your six harmonic virtues, and their discordant opposites.

So elaborating on this in a Lasers and Feelings type system. You've got your Virtue and Vice on either end of a scale. So for example Generosity ------ Greed. Simple enough. It represents how attuned you are to a particular virtue or vice. And then on a successful action in either direction, where the DC was higher/lower than your current score, you can shift your score one point in that direction. That makes you better at doing things related to that, and any of the magic associated with that score too. Simple enough so far.

This applies to both mundane and magical situations. On the Kindness ----- Cruelty axis, a mundane use would be to comfort a crying person or to mock them. A magical use would be being able to speak to them even if you don't share a language, or knowing a trauma trigger to exploit for someone you've never met.
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Thanks for all the replies. I’ve been stewing this and will have an updated post coming soon.

Some quick thoughts.

The Virtue/Vice range is from 3-18. Initial max is 5-15. A Specialty provides a +1 to the Virtue/Vice, so maximum range can go from 2-19.

Advantage adds a die to the roll (keep best result). Disadvantage adds a negative die to the roll (keep worst result). An appropriate skill can add another positive die (you can end up rolling 3 dice as a maximum).
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