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OOC [Shadow of the Demon Lord] Godbreakers


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Here is the OOC for our little Shadow of the Demon Lord campaign. My players: Please re-post your characters here. When you re-post them, please post at least a little bit of info about your character from the questions in the SotDL core book (Pages 27 and 28 under the heading Roleplaying) and how you came to be in Lost Hope, how long you have lived there (Remember at least a month or two) and you all can decide if anyone knows each other or if you are all strangers or such. After we get through all that, I will start the IC!

Here is to the hopes of a great campaign, and hopefully no TPKs... :p


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Cadoc Winterly, male human

Spoiler: Show

A fair-featured man in his late twenties, shorter than average and with a lightness to his step. Cadoc has a small scar on his cheek and a twisty symbol tattooed on his left forearm - a sign of good fortune associated with the Old Faith. His hair is dark blond and his eyes brown; his skin is Northman-pale, but reddens easily in the sun. His hair is typically unkempt, and he usually hovers uneasily somewhere between clean-shaven and sporting a short beard.

Born in a small village in the northlands, Cadoc was the son and grandson of farmers of no particular renown. He took to trapping to supplement the income (such as it was) of farming. Had events not changed this, he might have grown old and died in his tiny village.

Fate, however, decreed otherwise. The Baron who owned the village (a mere name to Cadoc, whose tax collectors came yearly to seize the majority of the harvest) was involved in some sort of armed conflict with his neighbors; his men came to Cadoc’s village and gathered every able-bodied young man into a makeshift army. Against all odds, Cadoc survived the ensuing battles - about exactly what, he never did learn - and even picked up the rudiments of a swordsman’s skills. When the fighting was done he found himself miles from home with no way of returning but his own two feet.

He chose instead to keep walking, hoping to find a better fortune than another few decades growing turnips. Along the way he won a pair of fine leather shoes in a dancing contest; the energetic country dances of his homeland turned out to be quite impressive to foreigners. He reached the town of Last Hope and decided to seek what fortune there was to be found. Precious little, as it turned out: he's been bumming around doing odd jobs, such as chopping firewood in return for food and a place to sleep in a barn, for a couple of months now. He's not thrilled; it's even less secure than the life of an indentured peasant. As a result, he's willing to take greater risks in return for (hopefully) greater rewards.

Spoiler: Show

Strength: 11
Agility: 10
Intellect: 10
Will: 10

Perception: 10
Defense: 10
Health: 11
Healing Rate: 2
Size: 1
Speed: 10
Power: 0
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0


  • Peasant conscript
  • Trapper
Powers and Abilities

  • Basic clothing
  • Dagger
  • Staff
  • Backpack
  • Rations (7 days)
  • Waterskin
  • Tinderbox
  • Torches (2)
  • Dancing shoes
  • 2 cp

Spoiler: Show

As a former turnip farmer, Cadoc gets uneasy when he's the center of attention. He's fine with small groups, but large crowds paying attention to him make him uneasy. He's friendly in a casual sort of way, but doesn't make close friends easily; once he does, though, he's extremely loyal.

Likewise, due to his upbringing he's uncomfortable around nobles - to him, nobles are just names used to take food from hardworking folk.

Cadoc values his self-respect. He doesn't have much, but he's earned everything he owns. He's aware that life is short and fragile, and he'll probably die before he turns 40 anyway, so he might as well die as the sort of person he would respect.

Fear and Loathing
Cadoc fears hunger. Specifically, after too many winters with too little food, he fears the idea of starving. He would rather die in battle than waste away.

He hates those who have power, and use it to oppress those below him. He also considers this to be the way of the world.

Love and Desire
Cadoc desires to be someone. He was born a peasant, and was conscripted as a soldier to fight in a pointless war. He wants to be known for who he is, even if only in a minor way. He wants to be admired and remembered.


Cadoc won a pair of fine shoes in a dancing contest. He's rather proud of this fact, but attributes it more to the energetic dances of his homeland than any personal skill.

Cadoc dislikes taking a leadership role, but he'll do it if necessary. He doesn't mind it so much when he's sharing his skills, but as far as ordering others around, he'd rather not. Contradictorially, he also dislikes being ordered around.

Obligation and Responsibility
As a general rule, Cadoc completes his tasks quickly and to the best of his ability; he's well aware that survival through the winter depends on everyone pitching in. If he feels he's being used unfairly, though, he's likely to "forget" and generally laze about.

Good and Evil
Evil is abusing a position of trust.
Cadoc doesn't really think in black-and-white terms; his morals are flexible depending on how desperate he is. There are some things he won't do (rape, child-murder, etc), and he isn't a career criminal or anything, but laws don't mean much to a desperate man.


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Will try to post everything up tonight. Exhausted, work got much more hectic than expected.


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Will try to post everything up tonight. Exhausted, work got much more hectic than expected.
Sounds good. That was the story of my life last weekend. lol. Work was crazy. And it will be a nice weekend this coming one too. I expect it to be just as fun lol.


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Name: Fist – Orc Hunter (named Kane by adopted parents, goes by Fist since he ran away)

Str: 11(+1) Ag: 10 Int: 9(-1) Wil: 9(-1)
Perception: 10 Defense: 10 Health: 11 Heal Rate: 3
Size: 1 Speed: 12 Power: 0 Dam: 0
Insanity: 1 Corruption: 0
Languages: Common
Racial Abilities: Shadowsight
Age: Adult (19 years old)
Build: Average (6 ½ ft tall, 300 pounds)

Professions: Exile, Hunter

Appearance: Unlike other Orcs, Fist is an albino, with skin so light its almost blue, and red eyes. He lacks the blemishes and markings common to the Orcs, and does not have tusks. His hands have burn scars from the accident that killed the local child (a house fire.) He looks more like an ugly, short jotun.

Weapons: Bow with 12 arrows(due to Hunter profession), Sword (stolen from a bounty hunter I killed)

Equipment: Basic clothes, Cloak, Backpack, 1 week of rations, Small keg of beer, Coil of rope, Pair of Knuckledusters

Wealth: 2 cps (Starting Lifestyle: Getting by)

Background: Was orphaned (or perhaps left for dead due to his appearance) and adopted and raised by humans. In his early teens, was playing with fire (literally) with some other children his age, and accidentally caught their cabin on fire. Kane tried to rescue the other children, severely burning his hands and arms in the process, but one of the children died, and he was blamed. Before they could capture him, he escaped into the forest, and was forced to learn how to survive on his own. Humans from the area of his former home still consider him an escaped murderer, and he is possibly still wanted for that crime.

Personality: Quiet and serious, and can usually control my temper.

Relationships: Because of his upbringing, Fist can usually make friends with non-orcs, but has trouble with other orcs due to his appearance.

Desire: Glory. The need to prove himself burns brightly.
Fear: Death. Fear of a worthless death keeps him awake at night.

Obligations: I fulfill obligations to those close to me, otherwise I do what I want.

Moralities: Capable of both good and evil, I do what needs to be done.

Religious Beliefs: I do not worship any gods.

Starting Background: Fist has traveled from the northern reaches where he was raised, moving ever south, hunting, trading, and occasionally doing odd jobs to make ends meet. His travels finally led him to a place called Lost Hope, which seemed oddly comforting. He managed to survive here, trapping and hunting local game, and trading with the locals. He's even become almost accepted by some folk in the small town, in spite of his race and odd appearance. Having been in the area for nearly half a year, Fist has become a bit protective of his adopted home, even if the locals aren't aware of his loyalties.
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What are your professions bleys? I know one is Hunter because of the bow but starting characters take two. And go ahead and mention them on your character, Thanks!

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Thalzatt of Malzerek

"Take a looks over there, no, behind you, mnnn..."

Thalzatt was raised learning how to survive in the sewers. His natural ability to look dumb and harmless has helped him escape certain death by his own kin who thirst for power and rank among their own as they each scratch for survival. The fact is, he is a lot smarter than his kin, and the bad thing is - he knows it. His wit is the only thing that has helped him survive, unlike some goblins, who can barely escape their own mother's cooking pot. Unlike his kin, who are seemingly content with their lot, Thalzatt plans to rise above his condition, not only just to survive, but to also undo the wrong done to his kind, with an unmerciful vengeance.

Thalzatt has had to endure many hardships and has had to do whatever it took to survive. Often times that required stealing. Sometimes it called for murder. Sometimes it was for food, other times for money, but most of the time he had to kill or be killed. In either case, Thalzatt never lost a minute of sleep behind it, he understands that in order live, something has to die. Life itself feeds off of life, and he is not intending to be food anytime soon...

One time he had to kill his Uncle Quieezie, just because he had stumbled across Thalzatt's darkest secret - Thalzatt has found a Tome of Dark Magic and keeps it hidden in a secret spot in the sewers under Briddle Street. Although he cannot make sense of it now, maybe one day he will learn it's secrets. Anyhow, after Thalzatt flayed the flesh from his Uncle's body, then scrapped his bones dry, he made a flute out of his femur, and finds it humorous on the rare occasion that he plays it.

Being conditioned to this type of environment and lifestyle has left Thalzatt very untrusting of others. He has always felt separate from everything else around him, and does not understand what the word love means, the closest equivalent he can even relate to is desire. The most important thing above all else, is his life lesson - to do whatever it takes to just survive...

Ancestry: Goblin
Age: Adult (25)
Build: Pudgy
Appearance: Wide Leering Grin
Odd Habit: Wears One "Lucky Sock", Will Not Wash It.
Personality: Just Trying To Stay Alive...
Attributes: (STR 8, AGI 12, INT 10, WIL 9)
Perception: 11
Defense: 12
Health: 8
Healing Rate: 2
Size: 1/2
Power: 0
Damage: 0
Insanity: 0
Corruption: 0
Languages: Common, Elvish
Professions: Criminal (Murderer, Urchin)
Immunities: Diseased, Charmed
Vulnerability: Iron
Special: Shadow Sight, Sneaky
Interesting Things: Bone Flute
Personality Traits: Determined, Imaginative, Deceitful, Self Centered, Malicious.
Background: Owes a debt to a character - Fist, the albino.
Equipment: Dagger, Basic Clothing, Backpack, Weeks Rations, Waterskin, Tinder Box, 1 Torch, 1 Copper Piece.
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Whoops, sorry about that, forgot about the other profession. Fist was originally an Exile (due to the accident, and running away) and learned hunting as a necessity later.

I'll update my post with the profession info.


What are your professions bleys? I know one is Hunter because of the bow but starting characters take two. And go ahead and mention them on your character, Thanks!
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