IC Shadow of the Demon Lord: Outpost


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Stenchridden has been looking the furnishings over with fascination.

"Amazing. It looks like funeral trappings. They have decorated his resting place as it would have been in life. Was this propitiation? Or gifts to take to the other side?"

He looks up as the bed moves and strides to Connor's side ready.
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Connor slides the bed away, scraping over the stone floor and sending the corpse bouncing along with it. Ruff steps up with the others, twiggy wand at the ready, eyeing the iron-banded door with its heavy latch.

On the other side of the door there's the sound of steady, deep snuffling. Something large and bestial looms outside, swaying slightly as it listens, its dark bulk blocking and unblocking the light from behind it that peeps feebly through the one keyhole, waiting.

As the group pauses, ready to barge the door down, whatever it is outside utters an ear-splitting roar, loud enough to vibrate the massive oak door and send ears ringing. A massive thump smacks the door again, then another, and another.

Whatever is outside is angry, very very angry.

It snorts suddenly, a surprised intake, and the keyhole light flutters again as the figure spins away from the door. A gruff voice carries across from somewhere further beyond.

"It sees us," Snorri can be heard distinctly.

Something thunks solidly into the other side of the door. "Missed! Back up the stairs!" Ser Paxton's voice can be heard muffled by the thick oak and distance.

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What next? The door appears very solid, and is currently withstanding the beatings of something large on the other side so breaking it will not be easy
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