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OOC Shadow of the Demon Lord: The Apple of Her Eye


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So, no birthday cake. Lark will live.
Would the Doctor honestly eat the kind of birthday cake Ruff would have? I would anticipate such a cake would have more eyes than social ettiquette would prefer. And probably more curses for those that blow out the candles.

So are we sending the jotun in first for mine clearance? Stenchridden is completely in line with this plan. I can't remember how large the area is for summon useful item - can he pull the classic ten-foot pole out of his trousers? I'm getting Tomb of Annhilation flashbacks.


Surely you jest, Mr Fred
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Maybe have a scout upfront. Someone who could advance, check the situation and head back to inform.



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Anyone wish to volunteer? Dr Lark took the honours last time.

Snorri is not at all sneaky, in case that wasn't obvious.

Conjure Useful Item is limited to Size 1, so a 6' pole is viable.
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