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Shadowrun for Palladium


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I've not played Shadowrun but it seems to me that it would be perfect for running old Palladium games, especially the first book before Palladium became seriously gonzo

Has anyone who has played both got any views on this?

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I am not familiar with Shadowrun, so you would have to give some reason why you think that it is a better system than PFRPG. What mechanics do you think would better emulate the game?


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The maps from Shadowrun should be okay to use. A lot of the dragons and elves and orcs should be in the PFRPG 2ed. Either keep the fantasy skills, or pick a character class that usuable and use those skills. There should be monsters and tech spread around in the books to use on the streets.

The main difference is going to be how the mechanics work.


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The title suggested you were going the other way (Shadowrun using Palladium mechanics) and I was about to ask why you would do that. This makes much more sense, and should potentially work - though if you're swapping systems anyways it would probably be easier to go with something less setting specific.


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If you are just talking about the Palladium Fantasy RPG, I guess, I would think it would be the best fit - it might be easier to re-task Earthdawn as it is already a fantasy game. But a fantasy version of the Shadowrun rules I would not pass up, in fact, forget the Earthdawn rules (though I do like that game). You can use the cyberware and tech rules to emulate magi-tech. That could be cool. It would definitely fit in the category of High Fantasy.

The biggest thing you would have to concern yourself if using then for Rifts is with "Mega-damage." Perhaps you could just borrow from Star Wars D6 and use the scaling rules. (Modified, of course to fit the different D6 method Shadowrun uses):

Basically, the scaling grants more damage resistance to bigger targets when attacked by a smaller foe (like a person shooting a tank...or a Glitterboy), though the smaller attacker gets bonuses to hit the bigger target. Conversely, bigger targets get a negative modifier when attacking smaller targets, but their damage is boosted, so if they do hit, it usually really sucks. (Say, did you say your Mon Calamari bounty hunter was hit by the star destroyers heavy turbo laser battery? Well, time to make a new character.) How to do that is Shadowrun would take a little work, but I think it can be done. I might go the route of automatic successes instead of added dice to keep the die pools down.


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When I first sat down and read Shadowrun 4E, I did have the thought that it felt a bit like Rifts done with a more sensible system, and I think other than the need to figure out how to scale damage, it'd have some potential for running Rifts. You've got some of the neat stuff like back and forth combat with multiple goes per round and all sorts of fantasy creatures and magic alongside technology but with a system that handles them a lot better.


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Well one could do the conversion, if one wanted, but it does lead me to ask- Are you aware of the Rifts books done in the Savage Worlds system?

I mean it's perfectly okay if you just like the Shadowrun system and want to convert to it, but since there's an official Rifts conversion to another game system I thought I'd better make sure.


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Yes, you could do it. You just need to change the Rifts setting a bit, and the history so that earth didnt go to hell in a handbasket.

You could still have the Coalition states as one part of the US, while adding in the other states from Shadowrun.


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I've not played Shadowrun but it seems to me that it would be perfect for running old Palladium games, especially the first book before Palladium became seriously gonzo
So, just so I'm clear: you mean using the Shadowrun system to play Palladium game settings? I don't see why not. Just be prepared to do the work and remember the source material saw power imbalance as a feature not a bug.

To be fully serious: "Can I use X-system to play Palladium's setting-Y" is a totally normal question, and is often advised given how... uhm... old school Palladium's system is. Just be aware of what you want and go from there. If something you're interested in is too outside the power level of Shadowrun then you'll have to work around it - instead of defeating the 4 Horsemen of the Apocolypse in battle, maybe you'll have to make a campaign to secure all the stuff to banish them instead. Things like that.


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My only input was a Shadowrun/Heroes Unlimited hybrid I did a while back. That was with the Palladium System, though. I stole a ton of ideas from Shadowrun, however.

The basic idea was a "villain" campaign. The PC's were all meta-human mercenaries after the all important dollar. I used SR for lifestyle costs and "rep" mechanics and for adventure design. You know "go steal this prototype from a rival corporation" type thing. Worked really well.
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