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Should a setting reproduce core rules?

Crimson Carcharodon

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I tend to prefer setting books with the core rules included. I'm thinking Atomic Robo for FATE Core and Young Centurions for Fate Accelerated. Having setting and system explained together helps me get my head around things.
I go back and forth on this, especially with Fate Core. On the one hand, Atomic Robo is a superb book with everything included. On the other hand, I'm really loving all the Worlds of Adventure for Fate that have "replace the Fate Core section on X with this" for skills, stunts, etc.


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I definitely think system matters. Some systems will not let you reproduce the rules in your setting. All depends on how the license works of course.

If I were making a FATE setting, I probably would.
If I were doing Starfinder, I probably would not.

I am currently working on a licensed setting for use with a game system and it does not allow me to reproduce the rules. But the audience for this game would be fine with that.
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