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SibKhatru receives a 🔴 Warning - Thread ban


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SibKhatru SibKhatru has received a 🔴 Warning - Thread ban for the following post:

Content: https://forum.rpg.net/index.php?posts/22816610/

💬"Yeah, there's weird twisty stuff there... a communist monarchy isn't a thing at all, in theory or practice. Though, uh, Serbia has very strong linkages culturally with the Rus, both being of Slavic descent. The gender swap seems pure glam to appease SJWs, perhaps? And the authors seem to want to interpret Aryan religious ideas with the Nazi implementation, which is perverse and disgusting.

Yeah, probably safe to pass on the KS."

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"The gender swap seems pure glam to appease SJWs, perhaps?"
You're banned from this thread.
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