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SLA Industries Announcement


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Announcement from Nightfall Games as the team work towards the next publication:

As Nightfall Games finalise the new publication – SLA Industries: Cannibal Sector 1, we have taken a good look at the contents of the various source materials published to date. As many of you know, a number of these books were produced with little or no input from the creators of SLA Industries and as such do not represent the image, ideals, nor stories of The World of Progress. Additionally, a number of the books have been directly superseded (in whole or part) by the writing in the new book. With this in mind, only the following source books and supplements should be now be considered canon (the official vision of The World of Progress):
• SLA Industries Main Rulebook (including all reprints) (ISBN 1 899749 23 3)
• Karma (ISBN 1 880992 56 6)
• Hunter Sheets Issue 1 (ISBN 978 0 9555423 1 2)
• Hunter Sheets Issue 2 (ISBN 978 0 9556497 1 2)
• “Klick’s End” Data Packet
• “Momic 0.1” Data Packet
• "The Dream" Data Packet
• "Threat Analysis: Hominid" Data Packet
• "Hunters Sheets: Red Alert" Data Packet
• SLA Industries GM Screen

The publications listed below are no longer considered to be an official part of the SLA Industries canon.

• Mort Sourcebook (ISBN 0 9522176 6 X)
• The Key of Delhyread (ISBN 978-1-899749-24-9)
• The Contract Directory (ISBN 978-1-899749-29-4)
• Cannibal Sector 1 (ISBN 978 0 9555423 0 5)
• “Ursa Carrien” Data Packet

As such we will be removing these books from sale on DriveThruRPG on the 31st January 2019. Note that anyone who has purchased these items before January 31st will still be able to access them in their personal library.


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Um... ok. Could you perhaps clarify why the content of Mort, The Contract Directory and CS1 didn’t conform with idea of the original game? I’ve got all three and they meshed nicely with the setting as far as my eyes concerned - especially The Contract Directory and CS1 (maybe not so much Mort - The Pit was nicely fleshed out but really limited on role playing potential) but there were some aspects that did work. I’m not ranting as a precious fanboy over a game and setting I like a lot but I’m just curious why a lot of hard work by people who invested in the game and presumably had the blessing of the creators is being canned. It’s of course your IP to do with what you like but it’s odd you’re binning something like The Contract Directory (which I would argue really did fit in with the TV entertainment, gladiatorial aspect of the setting) but still keeping Hunter Sheets.


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Removing the now non canon Books from Drivethru is a really strange descision.

Espcially for a Game that has not seen a significant release in years.

Contract Directory is my favourite SLA Book next to the core.


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Removing the now non canon Books from Drivethru is a really strange descision.

Espcially for a Game that has not seen a significant release in years.
It's a bold new unrelease strategy. Let's see where they go with it.

Also, it would be nice to be able to get the out-of-print books via PoD.


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They posted it on their Facebook page and also linked to it on their twitter account.

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Considering the history of the game, they could sell the canon books under a subcategory called The Truth.


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I'm surprised about Mort, and especially surprised about Ursa Carrien (which I thought was one of Dave and Jared's babies). The others, I knew from old discussions J+D weren't happy with and didn't endorse.

I'm very surprised the old books are being removed from sale altogether! That's bold, but otoh I'm sure Nightfall can see what the sales have been like and I suspect said sales have been about zero for a while for all those.


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Knowing next to nothing about this line, was there anything controversial in these releases (like some of the V5 stuff) or was it purely creative differences?
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