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Sleepless Domain: "the number one post-madoka double reverse reconstructionist deconstruction hopepunk magical girl webcomic"


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The only thing uncertain is whether she went out before or after seeing Rue in trouble. She may have gone outside just to see what it was like with monsters roaming around, but kept to a relatively safe place on top of a building.
Does suggesting a possibility get me any Called-it Points? If so I got some, not that I really care about such things.

For my next prediction, they're going to have an encounter while on the way to Rue's place. Not sure with who or what, but the laws of narrativium say they should have one. Possibly with Goops, who was nearby during the battle with tooth-worm. I wonder what she does when she's not wrangling monsters?

I don't completely understand the alt-text. No doubt it's something that'll be completed in the next strip's alt-text.
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