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If the Great Barrier and the Inner Barrier interfere with radio waves -- like, anything with lower frequency than a microwave oven -- it'd explain a lot.

...Do they even have microwave ovens? I can't remember. If they do, though, it still wouldn't mean you can modulate that frequency to carry information. And if you can't send video feeds over the air, it'd mean pretty much the only live TV would be filmed directly at the station, or somewhere with a cable connection to it.

The TVs have remote controls, but I'm not sure how much else we've seen in terms of wireless anything.
I remeber HP watching an ad about kitchen appliances by the melties and saying something like "why don't they just microwave it", so it looks like they have microwaves.


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Yeah, that is a flat out amazing design, even by the standards of the very cool designs of this series.


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I see what look like some old style Florence boiling flasks there on her right hip. I think she's not just a witch but also into potions and/or alchemy.
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