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So I wrote a game


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I wrote a forum game called F1 Re: Esc ('help regarding escape') for people who want to nurture creativity in small pieces. The rules are 1 page, it's the kind of thing that could be cool come game day.

I tried to start playing the game in the PBP forum, but it looks like some weird ruleset no one has ever heard of.

How do I find people to playtest this sucker?


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Sure, here's the rules:

F1 Re: Esc is a game for people who are bored at work with just enough time to read a forum. The goal is to keep your creative juices flowing, shrug off the negativity, and escape from the grind.

No Homework accumulates in this game. Even if there’s a game in progress, all you need to do is read the Seed and the most recent Challenge. As the game goes on, there’s still never an obligation to "catch up" on the thread, or even to Claim a Prize.

The Seed starts the game; after pasting these rules, the OP writes 100 words and then issues a Challenge in 20 words or less. From then on each post should Answer, Cheer, or Claim a Prize.

Answer by writing a response to the latest challenge in 100 words or less. Don't Answer your own Challenge. Try to work in the same spirit as the seed, but there is no wrong way to answer a challenge. In the same post, issue a new challenge in 20 words or less. This challenge doesn't name a specific person, just what you want someone to make.

Cheer by quoting an Answer written since your last post and declare it a Winner. If you've never posted you can declare any Answer a Winner. Spectators and lurkers are welcome to declare winners even if they don’t post themselves!

Claim a Prize after someone has declared you a Winner. You Claim a Prize by writing, in 120 words or less, on any topic you want (but not issue a Challenge). Again, try to work in the same spirit as the seed, and again, there’s no wrong way to do it.

Crossposting with Honor If you find you have cross-posted with someone else, and your challenge appears below theirs, then your challenge is considered honorary – it can only be answered by a winner if they choose to answer it when they Claim a Prize. If you see this it’s a good idea to edit your post and show that your challenge is with honor.


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I think you'll find that this site is for traditional/tabletop/pen and paper roleplaying games. The PBP forum, as such, is intended to be played using one rpg system or another, but in a PBP as opposed to face-to-face fashion. Might be why you're not really getting any bites.


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I think this game would be a fun way for some GMs to get together and play in a setting sandbox, that kind of thing. In a way it's more like the threads here in general like "Let's make 100 planets for space games!" just with a little bit more structure.


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I'd have to say, alot of traditional RPG's pretty much do the same thing as your rules, but people think running a specific character and having stats is different.

Personally what I'd suggest is
* Starting with a big question
* You use your system for players to start making an answer, not by directly answering but by describing events in a game world, like an analogy
* Have end mechanics, so theirs an actual finish to answering.


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Ryan, I'd love to try this. I'm busy for the next two weeks. But would love to try it. And I saw your post on SG.

And it's a great system.

I've bookmarked this thread and the Pleiades thread over in PBP and will get back to you.
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