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So it’s official, SLA Industries v2 is coming


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According to the official Facebook page the release date is 17th September. About bloody time.

No further details as to the changes or ruleset but some are saying the tweaked rules from the recently published Cannibal Sector 1 skirmish game hints at what is coming. I’ve not bought it yet so can’t comment.

I think the setting deserves a second edition and a new lease of life so I’m stoked about this announcement.

What changes would you like to see from the old rules? What should they keep? I’m hoping they keep the Ebb stuff personally.


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Nightfall Games have just announced SLA Industries: 2nd Edition on their Twitter and Facebook.

More information coming tomorrow


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Wonderful to see the rpg machine working again after getting through CS1

My only wishes for the upcoming book is that it includes a map of MC to replace the one in Mort, a diagram that shows how all the layers of Downtown actually work and the supplement species: Xeno, Chargrin, Veraphon and Advanced Carrien get included.


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I've been playing in a SLA Industries game that's been running on and off for nearly 16 years. I'm a bit trepidatious about setting changes, but at least the rules system is already pretty broken. ;)


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Looking forward to expanded lore and some detailed maps/diagrams of how Mort fits together. Oh and plenty of setting "look and feel" art.


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Have the World of Progress be its own thing and not some drug induced fever dream.


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Have the World of Progress be its own thing and not some drug induced fever dream.
it never was that in the first place but putting that aside I too am very much looking forward to a new edition, SLA has always been one of my favourite settings.
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