So...TotalCon, sexism and safety at the convention


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Well, that's depressing. I see Bill Webb's bio mentions "good drinks" if you visit his home.

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And here my partner and I were just looking for some fun cons now that we have moved to the area. I'd hoped all this would have gotten them to change their practices and we could go, but . . . nope


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TotalCon Facebook Page. Post by TotalCon, on TotalCon Discussion page
The last paragraph of their post is revealing:
Welcome to the TotalCon Discussion Group.

This is a group page for people who are interested in tabletop gaming (rpg's, mini's board games, ccg's, and more) and who are intetered in attending Total Confusion Game Convention.

Please be respectful. Allegations, or libel and inflammatory comments and posts will be removed.
I wonder what could have necessitated that inclusion? Hmmm.

It makes it clear that they know what Webb's presence means, and care more about keeping it quiet than their guest's safety.


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TotalCon FB page is proudly displaying the prize support from Frog God Games they just received. Comments on the post have been turned off. Posts concerning "allegations" or "slander" will be removed. Bill Webb is also featured as an invited industry guest for 2020. A list which is all male.
Welp. TotalCon has made their stance loud and clear: they support/protect abusers and don't care about the safety of their attendees.
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