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So what zines did you Kickstart last month?


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So far, I've backed The Grind (Torchbearer), Apocalypse World, Hexagram (The Fantasy Trip), Miseries & Misfortunes (1600s France D&D), Bridge of the Damned (Torchbearer), and Casket Land. I might back one or two more that are currently running.


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Master of the Rogue Spire - The dice system looks interesting if a bit clunky - I'm skeptical about the step-up/step-down system in play but willing to explore. And I love the art.
Goblinville Gazette - Again, I'm intrigued by the dice system, and the results "matrix" on which you invest the dice you've rolled to achieve Success, Avoid danger or Harm, and you can add a Twist too. So the more dice you roll, the more chances of having one low roll that you will have to invest somewhere bad (or accept to not succeed). Needs testing but it's neat and allows for success but with a twist or complications.
Girl Underground - seems awesome!

Of interest but WAY off budget:
Fall of Magic Zine (and original game) - still as beautiful and tempting as ever. As expensive as ever for the full game.


Homo Ludens
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I’ve backed A Pound of Flesh, Two Apocalypse World Zines, Kobolds Ate My Babe and RPG Design Zine.

Shadow Rat

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I backed too many - Gamma Zine, Miseries & Misfortunes, Two Apocalypse World Zines, The Grind, The Demon Collective, The Bridge of the Damned, Pound of Flesh for Mothership, For Glory The Hexanomicon, OBACHAN Panic, Beneath The Canals, and Casket Land.


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Wow. Casket Land broke the 20K mark, earning backers a cloth map of the setting.


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Wow. Casket Land broke the 20K mark, earning backers a cloth map of the setting.
That cloth map got me to back. I hope y'all are happy now.
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