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So whatcha playing? - A Thread For Chit-Chatting About Whatever Game(s) We're Playing At The Moment

Lord Raziere

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just played some of Wandersong. its a pretty good game. a bit silly, but it does moods very well and it has a very dreamlike, surreal/fairy tale/chiaroscuro kind of vibe to it. its light but can capture dark moods well.

I also got Dark Souls 1 Remastered, haven't played it yet, but I'm thinking of going Deprived just like I did Dark souls 3. anything less is cowardice.


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I also got Dark Souls 1 Remastered, haven't played it yet, but I'm thinking of going Deprived just like I did Dark souls 3. anything less is cowardice.
Deprived is the way to go!

After watching a review of Lords of Magic I was reminded of my childhood days with that game. So obviously I went over to GOG to buy and download it. And man... just starting that game up brings me back... I wonder how much I understood back in the day! I know I managed to actually win a few times, so I must have had a decent grasp of the game. And yet I realize now that with about 20 years of gaming experience in the trunk I'm picking up stuff that I'm quite sure that I missed when I was a child.


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I'm fighting the king who would be God with the woman who should be God. Just the final battle of Tales of Xillia to go. After that I'm probably going to play Tales of Xillia 2. Because I'm on a Tales bender, apparently.

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Back to playing Civ 5, even though I have at least four games I've bought relatively recently (Expeditions: Viking, Invisible Inc, Phantom Doctrine and Surviving Mars) that I haven't really touched. Just haven't been motivated to learn something new.


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I finally finished Subnautica! It wasn't hard, I just had to do some tedious resource gathering (because I didn't want to destroy my base even tho I could've), the main problem was...

This game is goddamn buggy. I kept slipping out of bounds (not a problem but annoying), or glitching inside the giant submarine (very much a problem, as I'd get stuck in the PRAWN and couldnt do anything but exit the game) but otherwise it was no trouble.

And I really liked the ending. And the post-scriptum ending xD


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Baba Is You came out yesterday- I played the initial game jam/demo version a while back, and I'm on a few Discords where the creator hangs out, so I was pretty hyped about it. The basic premise is that it's a Sokoban-esque game where the rules are represented as objects in the world, so pushing those text objects around can change the rules. The best way to understand it is to watch the trailer:

I only played for an hour or two last night, which was enough to get to the first "ending." It's a little odd to have it so early, since there's a whole lot that I haven't seen yet.


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Gone back to Dark Souls 2 to clean up the DLC bosses and then actually finish the game, and just finished off the Old Iron King DLC by beating Sir Alonne:

One of the things about Sir Alonne's theme is that yes, those are actual lyrics. And in the Dark Souls tradition of hiding that stuff out of direct sight, those lyrics contain lore.

Which means that it's the Dark Souls equivalent of a Metal Gear: Revengeance boss theme.


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Been getting back into Dead Cells. *FINALLY* beat the King’s Hand a couple of times. Mostly with a couple crazy DPS builds around pyrotechnics & fire blast! (my last run had FB doing something like 30k dps non-crit!)

Next time I start I now know how to do the Boss Cell thing, so I can *FINALLY* get back to increasing item quality drop percentages!
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