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So whatcha playing? - A Thread For Chit-Chatting About Whatever Game(s) We're Playing At The Moment


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I'm playing The Room on PC and I've hit a spot where I think the control scheme may be screwing me over? Spoilered just in case...

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I've got a metallic blue and gold ball in my inventory, with an opening through which you can see a smaller, engraved metal ball inside. Apparently, you're supposed to slide the inner ball around to solve the puzzle. Unfortunately, I can't seem to move the ball more than the tiniest bit with any single click and drag, and I'm approaching my wit's end after trying to move that ball for the last 10 minutes.

Anybody else play this on PC and can tell me if/how they got past this part?

Actually, nevermind!

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I changed the game's resolution and ran it in a window rather than full-screen, and one or the other or maybe both of those changes meant I could click and drag the inner orb around much easier. Problem solved. Weird, though. *shrug*
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Fantasy Strike is a fighting game, but it's one I can play without feeling I need to spend a dozen plus hours in practice mode, figuring out high-damage combos, memorizing which of the twenty-seven different button+direction combinations produces which punch, and practicing fiddly button combinations. My housemates love it.


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Just finished playing Professor Layton and the Case of the Curious Village on Android. Fun puzzle game. Kind of has a Hayao Miyazaki feel to it.


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I’ve been playing My Brother Rabbit with my 8-year old. It’s a very cute, light puzzle/hidden object game, albeit with a story (mostly happening in the background) that I suspect is going to be heartbreaking. The kid loves it.


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I played Wandersong for a bit yesterday. I've got a bit of a tin ear (and I hate music puzzles in games) but this game is just... adorable. In fact I think this is a clear example of a Feel Good Game. The Bard's optimism and cheerfulness is contagious. I too wish I could sing and dance my way through all of life's troubles.


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I’ve been addicted to Elder Scrolls Online.

It’s my very first MMO ever, and I’m enjoying the actual game. :) Took me some time for me to warm up to lukewarm regarding the crafting. I’ll have to put in some add-ons to help me find the various crafting materials.

I’m also happy to find female players and nicer male players after having a bad experience with a few male players the other night.


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I'm playing Hidden City: Mystery of Shadows, which is a freemium ongoing hidden object game. It's mind-numbing and addictive, and I kind of feel bad for playing it, but I don't think I can handle much else gaming-wise right now.


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Playing throught Watch Dogs 2 at the moment. It's a pretty fun ride, a dash of Saints Row was exactly what the franchise needed after an awfully bland and grim first instalment. The characters are mostly on the likeable side of hipster and your ability to hack things like electric junction boxes and steam pipes provides a lot of fun gameplay options and destruction.

The game also gets some plus points for trying to solve the core ludonarrative dissonance of the first instalment (where you're playing a vigilante hacktivist but routinely pack enough firepower to start a small war) by giving you decent nonlethal takedown options straight away. Marcus is armed with an infinite-ammo stun gun that's powerful enough that I've never had occasion to use my 9mm at all. Unfortunately, the guards I've come across so far are almost fanatically aggressive, armed with SMGs and grenades and swarming you in such numbers that survival often feels impossible. Still, I'm enjoying my time with the game a lot and intend to finish it.

Hopefully, the third installment will get the balance of stealth vs. action gameplay dialed in slightly better (I expect it will, with its multiple characters schtick).


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EDF 5 now that it's on a system I own.
It's great fun, less buggy than 4.1 and tonally quite a bit better. The changes to some of the classes, such as the way most if not all Wing Diver weapons now require a charging time before they shoot is throwing me off a bit, but it's fun for sure.
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