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[Sorcery!]: What system should I use?


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I'm hoping to run Steve Jackson's Sorcery! campaign as a multi-player RPG later this year, but haven't actually decided on what rules to use; seeing as Drivethru is now having a sale on rules, I think it's once again time to call on the collective wisdom of the forum.

I'm looking to run a short campaign, perhaps 9 to 12 3-hour sessions, which PCs gaining levels or advancement every 2 or 3 sessions.

The most important criterion is a magical system that approximates that of the original gamebooks: casting spells cost Stamina (or some sort of mana system), with the more powerful spells costing more. Some spells require specific material components, some of which are expended in the process. I plan to make the spell components available during gameplay via random loot, and also by trade and purchase (thus making money a relevant in-game resource).

For complexity I am hoping to find something between the simplicity of Fighting Fantasy, and the crunch level of D&D 5E. As this is meant to be a short campaign, I am looking for something with a gentler learning curve.

Here's a picture of a manticore to thank you for your trouble. :p



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Thanks for the recommendation. I actually have the Crown of Kings module from Arion Games, but it was the first edition version; I had a look at some reviews of 2e, and must say I am intrigued by their combat system.

I think it might be the system for me... :unsure:

Is the Sorcery! spellbook in the 2e Crown of Kings module, do you know?


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The 2nd edition of AFF has all the Sorcery! spells, including the ever mysterious no one knows what it does one.


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Sorcery spellbook is a separate book, a replica of the one that came with the game books but with the AFF 2e rules.
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