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[Space 1889] Help with Martian names needed


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Hi all,

1970s NYC has been put on temporary hold, as being too similar to other stuff I've done lately. So, next I'm running Space 1889.

But I have one problem, names. I suck at making up names, particularly on the fly. But the S1889 book really doesn't help much with names for Martians, it just gives names for a handful of NPCs and no general guidance or help with naming otherwise.

So, I turn to you, anyone got any names from their campaigns that might suit for High, Hill and Canal Martians?


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An excuse to dig out and re-read my copies of the old 'Space 1889' printed adventures from GDW. :)

These are a selection of the names given to NPCs in those adventures:

Canal Martians

Teegok Quuglaani
Zoho Winiimolaak
Mynosii Aalum
Kithauk Gneesh
Anaantool Pyamentropaas
Waldoon Maraaks
Samon Khuratta
Altin Hirsiz
Volaace Zeenkeer
Siditkayaar Dunoos

Hill Martians

Krraghar Rithall
Photho Nhe
Tycuus Nhe
Myya Nhe
Kai Urukta
Ucuz Yuni
Karkem Kubla
Uriah Tu

From that, some conjectures:

Some Martian names appear to be two-part, given name then family name, like European Earth human names. Others only have a single name, but that may of course be because their other name simply wasn't recorded in the books, or because they do only have a single name.

Canal Martian names are multisyllabic, and have a lot of doubled vowels. Hill Martian names are shorter, harsher and more guttural with lots of 'k's and 'z's. (Some of them also seem to be stolen from C J Cherryh's 'Morgaine' books).


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Personally, I kind of liked Aftrei Hollistr the Highly Explosive.

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Just do what used to be done by authors. Take syllibyls and mix them up in new ways. Fer instance take a multi syllibyl sig here and mix it: rum and mon key wid gets toys, for names like: Widrum, Keygets, Montoy and others.

Just look over some posts and find words, split them up and recombine. One last suggestion--say them out loud and see how they sound. Discard what sounds odd or funny, keep the others.



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You could always take the game's theme of India-in-Space one step further and give the Canal Martians names inspired by India. Also, it's important to keep in mind the class distinctions among the Canal Martians. The nobility wil have a very different naming structure than used of a merchant or for Master Sergeant Gujran of the Queen's Own Martian Rifles.

Similarly, for the Hill Martians, you could look to films out of Hong Kong set in the Western deserts of China.

The other thing that I did when running Space 1889 was feature ancient technologies that the Victorian PC could not even recognize, such as integrated circuits, advanced ceramics, and bio-engineering. It's certainly plausible that the Canal Martians engaged in extensive bio-engineering as the planet dried and before they went into decline. The result was something of a Space 1889 - Urth of the New Sun crossover. It also gives you free reign to include all manner of odd creatures and plants* where ever you want to.

* One of the plants I added was a Creosote Bush which burned hotter and longer than wood, but slightly less than coal. That can explain what the Earthers are burning in all of their steam engines. You'll have to figure out where they get the water for their boilers.
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