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Spirit of the Century presents: Revenge of the Tyrian Deathlord!


Or call me Judd
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The Reincarnated Hyperborean Champion, the scientifiction hero torn between 3 worlds and the scientist who commands the power of time itself will be tested to the utmost when they are called upon to keep Earth safe from the Tyrian Death Lord.

When the Murder Nation attacked, the Tyrian Death Lord made his way to our lush planet but was quickly captured and spirited away into the depths of the U.S. military secret projects base in Roswell, New Mexico.

The Silver Wolf
  • Hard-luck Aristocrat
  • Ill-spent Youth
  • Hero of Gallipoli
  • Reincarnated Hyperborean Champion
  • "Go ahead, I'll handle this."
  • Secret Identity
  • Unconquered
  • Sworn Protector
  • Enemies of Tyra and Thule
  • Beloved of the Queen of Tyria

Hadrian Helm
  • Dreamer
  • East Coast Money
  • Engineering Genius
  • Tenacious/Reed Richards Syndrome
  • Tyrian Ray Gun
  • Man Caught Between 3 Worlds
  • Hyborean Sword-Fighting Technique
  • Brothers in Battle with Silver Wolf
  • Princess Alura
  • Hatred of the Tyrants of Tyria
  • Dimensionally Sensitive
  • Tyrian Jet Pack Ace

Dr. Stigg
  • Always on Time
  • Blood is thicker than water
  • No one is more patient than me
  • Has the keys to the universe, just not sure which one to use
  • Time Machine
  • The Price of Time
  • Focused on my challenge, let someone else deal with the rest.
  • On the lookout for shapeshifters
  • Alien Tech
  • Wonky equipment due to Alien Tech.

At this point I am just thinking about stating up some bad guys and what stunts to give them, looking over these guys' Aspects while drooling.

Game on this Sunday.
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Or call me Judd
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Some mood music for ya...

What an odd session. It was essentially a pulp dungeon with a bad guy or two in the end.

I used the timer mechanic for tension building and it worked fairly well.

We were using white chips for Fate Points. So I put five red chips on the table. The Tyrian Death Lord was drilling with a laser into the vault in Roswell Station, the U.S. Federal jail and holding center for xenomorphs and their alien tech. The Tyrian Death Lord has broken free and he took over the 33 proto-M.I.B.'s fixed their skulls with Tyrian Slave Helms and put crackling Tyrian Energy Batons into their hands.

Anyway, the countdown. Every time the players rolled the dice a red chip got taken away. They could spend a Fate Chip to keep it there.

I hit them with 3 groups of ten decent mooks for the combat once the timer started and from there on in it was ON. Dr. Stigg rolled the dice that caused the alien tech vault to be busted by the Mind Tyrant. I was worried that the timer would cause people to want to not roll but they were cool with it. It helped that they wereplaying to their aspects hard so I got to toss out FP's like sweet, sweet candy.

The adventure was really basic, what I call a Tunnel with a Bad Guy at the End.

Holy shit, Jim made Silver Wolf to take down amazing amounts of mooks. He took down 14 of the 30 mooks before Dr. Stigg shifted the Tyrian Death Lord out of time itself, causing everyone to forget exactly what the initial threat was. But back to Jim and his army-puncher. Wow, are his stunts and his aspect, "Go ahead, I'll handle this," huge ole flags. Jim wanted to take on mooks and I will have to continue to think of ways to keep that interesting in order to keep Silver Wolf movin' and shakin'.

But not to worry, just as the first Tyrian Mind Tyrant was taken out of the loop (really out of the loop) the Tyrian Queen who wishes to marry Silver Wolf made her entrance, right into the body of Hadrian Helm's princess and true love.

They sent her back home, agreeing to fix the gate that brought her to this world, with assurances on both sides that next time they met, one would surely destroy the other. The Tyrian Demon Queen will be back, hot for Silver Wolf's butt, no doubt.

Next time:

I want a newspaper adventure. Basically, I will give the players some headlines in the Century Tribune and they can travel the world solving problems or just chill and party with flappers. I want them to realize the celebrity of having saved the world a few times already but I want that pulp adventure too.

So, guys, next adventure, whaddya say we start with being interviewed by a reporter from the Century Tribune and we go from there? I've been pushing really hard every adventure, as Storn can attest. The first scenes have been Johnny Hellfire trying to burn down the Century Club during their New Year's party, the announcement that a Murder Nation of all of the world's prisons would be trying to take over the free world using Tyrian technology and hardened convicts and a Five Star General letting the entrepid heroes of the Century Club know that the top secret bunker, Roswell Station is off the grid.

I want the Silver Wolf looking a little uncomfortable at a party with a martini in his hand, Hadrian and his blue-skinned princess waltzing and Dr. Stigg in a drunken debate over chronal theory.

Maybe next game begins with the earth wedding of Hadrian Helm and Princess Alura?
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Or call me Judd
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As always with this group, once the game was over we had some interesting discussions about how many times one can invoke an aspect.

Jim's really deep knowledge of the system (and every system he plays) makes it much easier to learn as we go. Thanks, Jim.

Jeff, let's think about re-tooling your character to make things even more fun for ya.

Storn, please post your glroious pic of Silver Wolf. It rocks on solid toast. If there was ever a day that I didn't want to game, one of your pics would drag me out of any doldrums. I can't wait to see it on the thread and print it out and put it on my wall.


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As requested, the Silver Wolf sketch done at the table. As well as the Tyrian mind controled Army Intelligence dudes of Area 52. The MInd Controlled MIBs was a really, really fast doodle. Just the barest hint of the Tyrian mind control helmet that Judd mentioned during play.

And I wasn't happy with Dr. Stig's sketch. Too boring. Too staid. I wanted to get some more emotion and capture more of what Jeff does at the table. So I drew this....

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License.


Or call me Judd
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Storn, your pictures of our PC and NPC's are a thing of singular glory.


Thanks again.

There were other interesting things that came up during play but I am going to just print these pictures out, post them up on my wall and stare at 'em for a while.


Dammit, this thread (and all the other ones too) are making me dread putting SOTC on my Christmas list! I don't wanna wait! :)

I really like the Flash Gordon/John Carter vibe your characters give off.

Jim DelRosso

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First off: Storn, the pictures rock, as always. That's exactly as I pictured Silver Wolf, only notably more awesome. :)

Second: Thanks for the kind words, Judd. I worry I walk a fine line, a step away from rules-lawyering. Glad I haven't seemed to have crossed it.

Now, some thoughts on the game!

I had a blast. While it may have been a pulp dungeon, there were more than enough twists and turns and Aspect-compels to make it an intense experience, intimately tied into the characters we were playing.

Also, as Silver Wolf was designed to kick ass and take names -- his main influence being Jakita Wagner -- the throw down with the mooks was exactly what I was hoping for. And the synergy between Martial Arts and Dirty Fighting is sweet like candy. My only regrets with regards to the throwdowns was that I still had two Fate Points left at the end (I was clearly remiss ;)), and that I didn't maneuver as much as I could have. I'm not sure it would've been the best call, mechanically... but it woulda helped keep my creative juices flowing, and I felt like they were flagging towards the end.

I am going to change up some Aspects, though. I've realized that I have no interest in the secret identity thing, and I need to do something to make the Wolf's ill-spent youth have more bite. So, I think I'm going to change Ill-spent Youth to Criminal Past: he turned to crime very young, frustrated by moving in aristocratic circles that constantly reminded him of what his family now lacked. He joined the army to get away from the police.

When he came back from Gallipoli empowered, he also realized how petty a criminal he'd been, and resolved to turn his life around. He tends to go by "Silver Wolf" all the time now, even when he's not in costume; he doesn't deny his past, but he doesn't talk about it either. But I'll replace Secret Identity with Scotland Yard knows the score -- they know who he is, and what he used to be, and sometimes try to leverage him.

I think this will fit really well with both the Tyrian Queen's love of him -- he could well have become the kind of vicious conquerer she thinks he is -- and his new Aspect, Visions of Hyperborea. I like that he's haunted by both his pasts, especially since he's not sure whether he succumbed to the Queen's wiles in his past life.

EDIT: Oh, and Judd -- if you're worried about giving the Wolf nothing to do but punch mooks, remember: he got rid of the Queen with an Intimidate check. He's very multitalented. ;)

Now bring on the giant ants!
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Timer So Awesome.

-Rob D.
The timer is worth its own thread and will get one once I have a moment.

More response to Jim's response in a spell.

P.S. the pics are now pinned up beside my computer, I will soon put the character's aspects next to 'em.


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There were things I really liked about this game and how it shook out at the table.

Such as:

  • The Countdown Clock: The fact that it wasn't impending doom but just impending doomful stuff was really important. It mean that players could let it count down and it was no big thing. It deserves its own thread and will get it.

    Truth is the whole shindig was inspired by Jim and Storn, not sure which, maybe both. They took down some spider/mind control/laser eye robots and they immediately checked to see if it was made out of otherworldly parts. When I said it was made of an artillery shell and some radio pieces, one turned to the other and said, "Good, they probably aren't in the alien tech vault just yet. We still have time!"

    And the countdown began, fermented by the other countdown thread and Jim and/or Storn's comment. Felt like a tangible instance of someone on RPG.net's wacky idea filtering right over to my table. Thanks, Dyjoots!
  • The Mooks: Jim really tutored me real fast on the minion rules and that helped. Mobs can be bad-ass and fighting them can be fun. Good to know. Rock.
  • Fate Points: I did something I really liked when I was trying to invoke someone else's aspect for a negative effect. I'd be vague about what exactly it was. "I'll give you a Fate Point if the Princess goes into the Vault and something bad happens to her there." The Fate Points were being thrown around, in both directions like candy. Sweet stuff.
  • Favorite Aspect Invocation: "Jeff, I will give you a Fate Point if I invoke your Aspect, The Price of Time and the martian shape-shifter who you have been aging with your Chronal Remote convinces you that he IS you from the future." He took the FP! Yes, the Martian got away and yes, there is a Martian Shapeshifter Spymaster, captured during the invasion right after the War and held at Roswell Station so they could test others as 'shifters, roaming free in the southwestern U.S. right now.
  • Three Consequences: Wow, you can have one physical consequence and two social/mental consequences and that adds up to three so you are Taken Out. Social combat and intimidation just got so much jucier. Holy shit. I totally had that misread. I am re-reading the book now and getting even more out of it now that we have played a bunch.
  • Next Time On: I have so many ideas for the next game that it is silly. I can't wait. I think we will start with a press conference at the Century Club.

There weren't any out and out problems but there were some hiccups.
  • Jeff's character isn't where he wants him to be. We either have to fiddle with his Aspects or his Stunts a bit so that in combat he has more choices.
  • I need to do just a touch more prep...as in a touch more than five minutes to none. Fifteen/twenty minutes and I'd have the villain's aspects and have aspects for a few set pieces that are malleable enough to throw away without trouble. I'd also like to fiddle with giving mooks a single stunt here and there, just to razzle and dazzle them up a hair.
  • We've played three balls to the wall save the world scenarios. I'm looking forward to something a little more exploratory, a little more laid back with hard-nosed two-fisted adventure at hand if anyone should want it.
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