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Spirit of the Exalted: Yet Another SotC Conversion


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Arise, necrothread; you will serve a nobler cause in death. Further thought (and the slow erosion of resistance to a Fate-Exalted game amongst my players) has yielded a few more thoughts on this conversion malarkey to add to the fantastic stuff already dreamt up by Ratix and co.

1. On reflection, Science generally works better as Lore and Engineering as Craft; the degree of overlap means that some Stunts associated with these Skills might be better suited to their counterpart, but that's easily resolved to individual taste.

2. The setbacks for freeform Sorcery might, in fact, be a bit toothless - reworking them to one Health check, one Resolve check and a mild Consequence for Terrestrial; 2H, 2R and a moderate Consequence for Celestial; and 3H, 3R and a major Consequence for Solar seems a bit more balanced. No continent-shaking without the risk of melting your own face off, I say... As for Necromancy, not a clue; my experience with it is fairly limited, but the gut reaction is to have it occupy the same sort of power level as the Terrestrial Circle with an inherent bonus (+2?) when its used in a Shadowland and a similar penalty when used beyond one, but I freely admit that could be abject crap/against the grain of the source material. Abyssal fans, feel free to correct my sorry hypothesising.

3. One quick-and-dirty way of enforcing the Exalted power disparity without dragging in a slew of new rules is to set Skill caps; i.e, mortals max out at Great, Dragon-Blooded can't have a Skill at any level above Superb without plot-schtick help (looking at you, Big Red), Celestials can't rise above Fantastic and Solars (and Abyssals, and Infernals, and etc. etc.) can have Epic-level Skills.

4. In addition/instead of the above, applied Fate Point bonuses could be higher for different breeds of Exalt (Solars get +5, Celestials +4, DB's +3 and good ol' mortals +2, or whatever).

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Raise thread is a terrestrial level Necromancy.

All of this looks really neat, but what is going on in the Fate Point/ Essence Mote department, are they equivalent?

Is there still a determining 1-10 scale for essence? It's where I'm finding the most difficulty, making essence out to be just another trait stacks the deck in favor of those who possess it; but giving it an increased cost seems contrary to the spirit of the new rules; but simply saying that all PC's start out at a base essence lowers character customization.

I'm leaning towards option three anyway. In SotC power levels are assumed to be at a baseline across all characters (Spirit of the Century Spoiler)
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Except Dr. Methuselah, whom I think we can say would function like an elder exalt
Players would simply get a "Hey, this is your essence score, deal with it". And then NPC's would get a score dependent on the situation.

Lastly, there's been talk on the boards that SotC rules often lead to conflicts that seem less tense and dramatic because of the ease with which players can resolve consequences and recover health. Adding a few boxes to health and stress boxes while increasing the duration (and maybe the severity) of consequences could help create a feeling of drama.
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