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[spoilers] Cobra Kai


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I marathoned this last night and this morning. Loved it.

It didn't end where or how I expected. I expected it to be a big redemption arc for Johnny, and that Daniel would sort of become the villain (to a point, but pulling back at the end as he realizes what's happened), and while it leans that direction, it never quite gets there. I was pleasently surprised.

They make this all work, which was great. It's just... I'm still digesting and processing, so I'll have more to say later, I think. But yeah, this was just fun. There was a lot of love for the original film, but at the same time they look at it critically and realize just how flawed parts of it (and a lot of 80s tropes) were, and they embrace that, show how that has effected both Johnny and Daniel over the years.

I am really, really sad that Johnny and Daniels bonding didn't work out, as that was just fun, the two of them getting drunk and realizing how messed up things were for them as kids.


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Just finished the season and that was a damned fine show. I really hope there is a season two.

Everyone in it was excellent. It showed love for the original movie, but wasn't afraid to criticizes it in places.

The characters all felt believable and had some sympathetic moments.

Did not see that very ending bit coming. Well done.


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Was Danny's Crane Kick technically illegal, as Johnny stated in the first episode? I'm not clear on that.
In the original "Karate Kid", neither Daniel nor Mr. Miyagi knew the rules of the tournament when they entered, so Daniel making a kick that was not allowed is totally believable. Also, in "Cobra Kai", Daniel doesn't deny that his kick was illegal, he defends by accusing Johnny of making an illegal move before.

Given those circumstances, I think the kick indeed was illegal.


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Except the Crane Kick wasn't called as a foul by the Judges back then and it wasn't again when it was used during this tournament by someone.


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I just finished it and... I'm not sure what I think. The first 8 episodes, I loved, and then they pulled the rug out from under things in a way I'm not entirely happy with. I don't like where either of the teachers or either of the students ended up. Sam and Mrs. LaRusso were great, though. I hope season 2 is them knocking (literally or figuratively) some sense into the four idiots they're tangled up with.
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Did not see that very ending bit coming. Well done.
Neither did I, but in retrospect, it couldn't end any other way.

Very solid season. I kind of want Hawk to just randomly take off his shirt and flex the tattoo with the accompanying sound effect at the slightest provocation if there is a season 2.

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I'd originally posted this, in spoiler tags, in the other thread:

I liked how it played with expectations. Johnny was originally set up to be fairly sympathetic but Daniel was, too, and at the start it seemed like we'd see each of them sort of moving along their path and coming into conflict, not because either was bad, but because of the natural progression of their original rivalry and how they've both changed since then.

I honestly expected to see them reconcile at the end and the scenes where they showed them moving in that direction in the ninth episode were pretty great, but of course it all goes to hell once they both realize what Robbie has been up to.

Lastly, I liked Miguel a lot at the start and was dismayed to see him and some of his compatriots falling into the dark side of the Cobra Kai philosophy at the end and it was pretty powerful how we saw Johnny react similarly to that as well.

Also liked Robbie's arc a lot and he was sort of the opposite of Miguel, starting off less sympathetic but becoming more so by the end.

One wonders how he may have dealt with it before Kreese came back at the end, but of course with his influence, they're going to be full speed ahead on that path for the inevitable sequel series.

Also interesting how Daniel seemed to be off of his path at the start but is now back to being fully committed to Miyagi's philosophy.

Really curious to see where they go with this for the second season.

Adding to the above, I think the central conflict for season 2 is clear, there are a few different ways they can explore it.


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If that final scene from the final episode doesn't have you on board for Season Two, nothing will. That's how you hold your trump card until the absolute perfect moment.

My one minor nitpick is that the end of Karate Kid showed Johnny giving Daniel the trophy and showing him some genuine respect. Between that and the beginning of Karate Kid Part II, I never got the impression Johnny carried any resentment out of that tournament.
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