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[spoilers] Cobra Kai


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Yeah, I was not expecting it to be as morally complex as it was.
It’s complex enough I am not sure I have even unpacked it; it went some really interesting places.

Oddly while the twist packs a wallop, it does mean the next season will have a straight forward villain instead of well, not having one at all.

Edit: Kreese is a lot easier to root against rather than Johnny only having himself to look at in trying to unpack where he went wrong along the way; going from helping these kids in a very real way, kinda becoming slightly better as a person, and somehow still creating assholes.
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I finished binging the series.

Wow. This was legitimately great television. Zabka and Maccio knocked it out of the park, but really, everyone was firing on all cylinders. Miguel was so easy to root for...until he wasn't; his desperate need for a father figure was very well-played. Robby was supremely unlikable...until he wasn't (nice job showing how canny he was). Hawk is just insane. Aisha nicely walked the fine line of definitely buying into the toxic Cobra Kai mentality, while still maintaining her friendship with Sam (more on Sam later).

I like that they really went whole-hog into Johnny being stuck in his past glory days, to the point where he really doesn't know much about the Internet. I mean, dude still watches Iron Eagle on VHS. He really needs to learn how to move forward, which he seems to realize at the end.

I also really like the seeds that the show casually plants, like Johnny and Miguel's mom, or the (apparently scary) status of Miguel's dad. Nothing may come of these, but the showrunners have left themselves a lot of options, which is smart.

The actress playing Danny's wife does a fantastic job of puncturing his ego but not being a ball-buster about it. She captures the perfect tone of "Are you boys done with your dick-measuring contest yet". At the same time, I appreciate that she's not perfect either; it's pretty clear that Sam falls into the orbit of the mean girls clique in part because her mom is cool with it.

Sam...I thought Sam was a GREAT character. She has agency and motivations that I don't remember girls from the Karate Kid movies having (except for 4, obviously). The actress playing her did a wonderful job. It really struck me during episode 5, when she confronts Kyler (and what comic timing THAT actor has) in the cafeteria. You can see her getting more and more pissed off until she actually subtly starts going into her warm-up kata, until Miguel steps in and focuses the fight on himself. Good thing Miguel did, too, for Kyler's sake...her final scene makes me think that she'd kick the shit out of anyone else in the series, up to and including Miguel and Robby. She really seems like a wild-card going forward...she's obviously more on the Miyagi side of karate philosophy, but she clearly also has a strong connection to Miguel.

Kreese's reveal was epic. 'Nuff said.

All in all, I LOVED this series. Bring on Season 2!


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I'm curious if we'll see any of Johnny's old gang going forward; he mentions one by name during his tale with Miguel. I believe the actor who played Dutch (the character with the curly blond hair, the really, really mean one) isn't really acting anymore, not sure about the others.

Robby vaguely reminds me of Bobby, the one who gets disqualified for injuring Daniel during the first movie and then almost immediately apologizes. I wonder if the somewhat similar names are just a coincidence.
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Binged the whole thing today, and holy crap that was amazing on so many levels.
...I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen Miguel suffer any asthma attack after losing his inhaler.


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Binged the whole thing today, and holy crap that was amazing on so many levels.
...I'm kind of surprised we haven't seen Miguel suffer any asthma attack after losing his inhaler.
Well Johnny did tell him he didnt have asthma anymore.


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I wonder how much influence No more Kings "Sweep the leg" from 2007 had on this show..

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