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[Spoilers] [General Anime Spring 2019] I Like Shorts! They're Comfy and Easy to Watch!


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🌸 Welcome to the Spring 2019 General Anime Thread! 🌸

🌸 These seasonal threads tend to focus on currently airing anime, but you're welcome to post about anything anime or anime-adjacent, old or new. However, in the rare cases where discussion of a particular show becomes too overwhelming or too much of a hot-button topic, it may be preferred to move that discussion to a show-specific thread. We also have a thread specifically for non-current anime.

🌸 Please note that we do not have much of a spoiler policy here - avoid spoiling major things you may know about upcoming episodes if you are familiar with the source material for an adaptation, but otherwise, most anything goes. Try to be considerate, but also expect unmarked spoilers for anything that's aired. If you would prefer a more restrictive policy, you can find one in the thread for non-current anime.

🌸 Using a commonly recognized name for the show you're talking about is helpful - it's not required, but in the past we've had issues with overly-clever names leading to confusion among threadgoers who aren't familiar with any given show.

Useful links:
  • LiveChart lists all the anime for each season, with links to where each can be streamed, along with trailers and official websites and more.
  • because.moe offers easy lookup of where you can stream any anime in various regions.
  • Sakuga Blog delves into the craft of anime and highlights the creators working behind the scenes.

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watch short anime
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Tsundere Cat
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Hmmm. Looking over the chart, it looks like this season will be a good one for me to catch up on my backlog. Hopefully something on the list will prove to be a surprise.


The Lord Wolf
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As always, I'm a slave to what's available on Crunchyroll, because honestly, I have too freaking much there anyway.

I've got a very short list (like, 4 series, not counting what's still ongoing) at home of Anime I'm hoping make it there, and I plan to fill the rest of my time with KH 3 and my impressive Crunchyroll backlog.

Edit: and I think half the series that interest me are shorts, anyway.

Looking at the live list, Gunjou no Magmel and Fairy Gone both intrigue me, and Kimetsu no Yaiba seems right up my alley.

My wife is happy that AoT is back, because we both really like that one.

However, if CR starts getting more English Dubs, that'll open up my list, because I can then throw it on while playing KH3.
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Ultimate Chicken

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Ah, Senko-San. Something I intro'd in the manga thread, and its along the lines of Kobayashis Dragon Maid. It's 100% fluff and diabeetus. Author wanted it that way.

Of course, I'll be capping Magi's Grandson and One Punch Man too. Guilty pleasure stuff.


Can it be SNEK TIEM?
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Well, I'm going to try to watch something, anything new this season, and I have a few ideas. I mean, if it doesn't work out, Voltes V is right over there, so it's not like it's murder if it doesn't go.

Senko-San is one of them, and Joshi Kausei gets an episode just based on the premise.


The Lord Wolf
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Right, Joshi Kausei is definitely getting an episode or two, and I'm forcing my wife to watch the first one, because she always complains she doesn't watch enough anime, and then never actually watches any.


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Alright, let's see what we got on the list.

Carryovers include The Rising of the Shield Hero and... well, that's about it. I never saw the first season of One Punch Man, but I've heard good things about it.

Fruits Basket is very much going on the schedule. I'm happy to see that, in the dub at least, they were able to get almost the entire cast back to reprise their roles. I think Laura Bailey did a wonderful job with Torhu and I hope she keeps it up for the new series.

Others I'm interested in include Kenja no Mago, which is better known as The Magi's Grandson. Yes, it is isekai, but it does intend to avoid the trappings of your typical isekai story.

Bokutachi wa Benkyou ga Dekinai, aka, We Can't Study, is also going on the watch list. I enjoy the source material so I'm interested to see what they do here with it's adaption.

And... Midara na Ao-Chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai? The translated title for this is Ao-Chan Can't Study, which I only discovered about a month or two back but it hasn't received many updates. I'm a bit surprised it's getting an anime adaption, but I'm very curious to see the adaption, and maybe see some chapters I haven't been able to read yet.

So those will be my main shows for the next season.


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Honestly this season looks pretty iffy to me. Besides all the shorts of course. Fruits Basket is a must-watch, as is Hitori Bocchi, and Senko-san looks like it's going to be great. But then there are a lot of shows whose trailers didn't really inspire me and/or seemed tailor-made to collapse under "directionless original anime designed by committee" syndrome.

Also, Ultraman just dropped on Netflix today apparently, but I'm kind of apprehensive about checking it out... Hopefully someone else watches it and gives me an idea if it's worth spending my time on.


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Nothing catches my attention as of yet, but that's bound to change. Sora Yori or Inamatsuri weren<t on my radar eighter before becoming some of my all time favourites.

The occult police show looks like it has potential, Fairy Gone looks pretty, Carole and Tuesday could be amazing OR entirely forgettable.


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I'm definitely going to be watching Furuba and continuing with Dororo. I'm a little bummed that we can't get the original theme song composer for Fruits Basket back, but them is sadly the breaks. I've been reading the Ultraman manga, so I'll probably be checking that out as well.
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