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[Spoilers][General Anime Summer 2018] Hurray, Hurray, General Anime Thread!


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Welcome to the Summer 2018 General Anime Thread! The first shows of the new season are already underway!

These seasonal threads tend to focus on currently airing anime, but you're welcome to post about anything anime or anime-adjacent, old or new. However, in the rare cases where discussion of a particular show becomes too overwhelming or too much of a hot-button topic, it may be preferred to move that discussion to a show-specific thread.

Please note that we do not have much of a spoiler policy here - avoid spoiling major things you may know about upcoming episodes if you are familiar with the source material for an adaptation, but otherwise, most anything goes. Try to be considerate, but also expect unmarked spoilers for anything that's aired. If you would prefer a more restrictive policy, you can find one in the thread for non-current anime that we are trying out.

Using a commonly recognized name for the show you're talking about is helpful - it's not required, but in the past we've had issues with overly-clever names leading to confusion among threadgoers who aren't as familiar with any given show.

Useful links:

  • LiveChart lists all the anime for each season, with links to where each can be streamed, along with trailers and official websites and more.
  • because.moe offers easy lookup of where you can stream any anime in any region.
  • Sakuga Blog delves into the craft of anime and highlights the creators working behind the scenes.
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Thank you Bull for posting the last two years worth of threads!


So what's new this season? It's always hard to guess what'll be a hidden diamond and what won't live up to expectations, but here's a small sample of what's on offer:

Attack on Titan is the heavyweight here, being the third season of an adaptation of one of the most popular manga around.

Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight calls back to Revolutionary Girl Utena with its designs, and is helmed by a director who previously worked under Ikuhara. Can it live up to the expectations it's set out for itself?

Sirius the Jaeger takes place in 1930s Japan, a time known for its... uh, vampires? Maybe some werewolves? Look, I don't know. The trailers show off some pretty cool combat animation, that's why it's here.

If you'd rather have sunny and bright, Harukana Receive is the latest Kirara cute-girls-doing-cute-things manga adaptation, with the thing in question this time being beach volleyball.

Happy Sugar Life is a romantic horror story with a wonderfully sweet yandere protagonist. Fun and heartwarming!

BANANA FISH is a thriller set in New York City, in 1985 - as in, set in the present, three decades ago when the manga was written. You don't see many adaptations of manga that old, but this one is enough of a classic to receive that honor. It was notably influential within the BL genre, so I hear - will that aspect of it live up to modern expectations?

Video game adaptations such as Angels of Death are hardly unknown, but adaptations of games that were originally created with RPG Maker and released as freeware are a little more rare. As with most titles in that horror/mystery/adventure scene, this seems to have a particular focus on the unsettling environment that the characters find themselves in.

That's my attempt at a somewhat-representative glimpse of intriguing and anticipated titles, but of course, there are many more. I'm sure every single one of you will find shows that you love outside of that list! :)

Don't forget the shows continuing from last season, either!

watch Precure
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Shoujo☆Kageki Revue Starlight calls back to Revolutionary Girl Utena with its designs, and is helmed by a director who previously worked under Ikuhara. Can it live up to the expectations it's set out for itself?
This has piqued my interest. Nothing really grabbed me this season, but this? Now I'm curious. If only we knew who would be streaming it.

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So far this season, other than keeping up with ongoing shows, the main ones to catch my interest are the 'weird things on the way to school' anime and the Osmosis Jones anime adaptation.


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Watched the first episode of Island, and I'm confused by it. Then again so is the protagonist. The ecchiness is pretty unsettling, but what's worse is that I'm feeling Grisaia vibes.

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With acksed, I think. A couple that sound interesting, but I'll hold out a few episodes & see where discussion goes. Still a bunch of titles I'm catching up on in the backlog.


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Huggto Precure 22: That got awful damn real with Puppul's transformation being as far as I can tell a very clear and intentional metaphor for a suicide attempt. On a lighter note EmiRuru has pretty much shot past plausible deniability and into "la la la we can't hear you

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Watched the first episode of Island, and I'm confused by it. Then again so is the protagonist. The ecchiness is pretty unsettling, but what's worse is that I'm feeling Grisaia vibes.
I liked Grisaia.

It is based on a romance VN I see.

As always it seems like a lot of stuff I'm interested in are things I've read the source material of. Not sure if that say more about anime or my reading habits.
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Island seems pretty bad, yeah.

I've got a dozen things to look at, but apart from Planet With there's nothing I'm hopeful for. May be time to hop back on the Utena train.
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