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[Spoilers] [General Anime Summer 2019] Create a General Anime Thread, with the light God could not know


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I suppose it depends on if we’re adapting the first volume, or the first two. I’m used to a lot of partial adaptations doing the first two, so we should be getting a first climax around now, not be in deep setup territory.
I read a fan translation of book 1 of this a while back. It was on the short side, and I think it ended after the bit with the mage-girl's creepy mom, and I don't remember the priest girl or her mom. So I think the school stuff is book 2.


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Whelp, catching up after a short vacation is murder on me this season. Which kinda makes jumping onto the Aikatsu bandwagon a bit of a pipe dream at this stage. (Maybe next year ? I have several longrunners higher on the queue...)

Wasteful Days of High School Girl #07 : Uh, we're cycling back to Yamai already ? On the other hand, we've already had focus episodes on everyone but Robo (who's better left as an enigma), so fair enough. And it's always a delight to discover every week what's the story with some of the weird stuff in the ending sequence. (This week : Baka & Yamai stuck in that thing, Yamai's bug plushie, and the school doctor in a gasmask.)

Dr. Stone #07 : Yeah, no more Tsubasa ! New characters who bounce well off Senku ! This is exactly what I want from this show.

O Maidens in Your Savage Season #07 : Niina, no ! Don't you have anybody else you can talk with about this ? (And I fear that the sad answer is no...)

Fire Force #06 : Oh, dear. The visuals are still amazing, but the sheer vacuity and shallowness of the dialogue (and the abrupt change of heart for this arc's antagonist) made this episode very painful to watch.

Lord El-Melloi II's Casefiles #07 : Hell yes a train murder mystery. Especially with nearly everybody from previous episodes (or other corners of the franchise ; hello, Olga !) being invited to the party. And the other major characters getting involved in a side investigation.

And I'm not quite sure what to think of BEM at this stage. The weird hiatus for consecutive two weeks didn't help, but I'm starting to fear that below the stylish presentation, there's very little of substance here.

Vinland Saga 7: Little known historical facts: the vikings were the first people to invent the naruto run.

Also armor does nothing, but that's par for the course in this kind of show.
I'm also amazed by the waterfall on the Loire. At least the writers were cautious enough to be very vague indeed on where exactly this battle was set.

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O Maidens in Your Savage Season #07 : Niina, no ! Don't you have anybody else you can talk with about this ? (And I fear that the sad answer is no...)
Yeah, that guy really did a number on her. At least the show knows this isn't okay.


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Yeah, that guy really did a number on her. At least the show knows this isn't okay.
For all of the recent kerfuffle about a different show, here I felt that translating Izumi calling the dude who creeped on a prepubescent girl (without any "mitigating" 2D context anywhere in sight) "ロリコン" as "pedophile" was 100% accurate.

It indeed really helps that the show is indeed firmly in those girls' corner, whatever mistakes they may be making. And it's hard not to see Mari Okada putting shades of herself in all of them : the one who is grossed out by the discovery of boys being sexual beings, the "pretty one" one who got creeped on while very young, the aspiring writer who got belittled by her editors, the hypocritical prude, the one who hasn't quite realized yet she's more interested in girls... (I haven't actually read her autobiography, but I've heard enough that there's a lot of writing from experience here.)

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Maidens is great. In most other anime there would have been a 50/50 chance of the pedophile being played for laughs, or Milo turning into an actual romantic interest (I'm genuinely very proud of him being consistently disgusted and horrified at the idea of dating a high schooler.)


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That bookworm show looks to be right up my alley as well.

I'm not sure I'd consider it isekai played straight if the story really is about the girl introducing books into the world. It seems to be a nonviolent story (which is awesome)!

"Playing it straight" in my mind tends to involve a setup like that of Smartphone or Death March, which is all about how our protagonist uses their Real Ultimate Power for dungeon-y activities. I guess Knights and Magic would fit as well, since its all about how the protagonist's previous knowledge makes him good at mech battles.

Of course, all of that is just my perception of it, which might very well be skewed because I'm not very into isekai that plays it straight.


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Bookworm is fairly straight in trajectory - the character reincarnates into another world and with their "advanced" knowledge and inherent specialness, go on to affect the setting in outsized ways.

It's not at all interested in subverting the genre!

But the setup for Bookworm, and the goals of its protagonist are so radically different to your standard, power fantasy that the entire thing just goes well off on its own path.

(It also helps that the whole thing is just great! Small things like that)
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I’ll probably give the Bookworm one a shot, although I am nervous as the descriptions remind me a lot about what I heard about the Slime one, which was an enormous disappointment for me.

I’m another one who only enjoyed Konosuba and Re:Zero out of all the Isekai I’ve watched, so we’ll see how it goes.


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Symphogear XV #07 - sometimes this season being Symphogear: Greatest Hits Edition makes it a little dull; so much is stuff we've seen before, just mixed around a little bit. Like, oh no, Miku was kidnapped as part of the enemy's plan to infuse her with power and use her against the protagonists. How horrible. Who could ever have seen that coming. But more often than not it manages to make it awesome anyway, because this is Symphogear.

That's a hell of a line to make an entrance with. 💖

And though Carol coming back was telegraphed super hard, I sure didn't expect the autoscorers to come in from nowhere like that. That was such a delight. I hadn't realized how much I wanted to see them again, too. ^_^

GX had its problems, but the characters weren't one of them.

...actually, let me rephrase that. The villain characters weren't one of them.

I'm getting real curious about what XV is doing with Maria. That part of the story seems to be new. But it might involve a connection to Fine, I guess?

Aikatsu Friends #70 - in which Hibiki and Alicia get married.

I mean, how the hell else am I supposed to interpret the symbolism here?

That scene under the bridge was really pushing the limits of how much you can make it seem like the characters are about to kiss without actually showing a kiss. The way the camera cut away to a view of a puddle at a certain point was suggesting it, too!

"No matter how glorious the sights, without you I might as well have been blind." "Whenever I thought of you, my heart would swell with emotion. And I put those feelings to paper. For five years." "Our promise will always remain. Everything begins from here; a new horizon expands before us. Even if we were to be reborn, we would still go together." I have watched romance anime with far less passion than this

it's so good ❤💙


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That picture makes me so glad I've started Symphogear, even if it's going to be months before I get to the current season at this rate.

And I am totally making a character using that quote soon.
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