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[Spoilers] [General Anime Winter 2019] Penguins Are Never a Coincidence


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Don't worry, it looks perfectly straightforward.

See? Nothing at all mysteriously symbolic or suggestive of multilayered meaning. >.>
What do you mean? Clearly the fact that the poster uses the imagery of Hokusai's wave before Mt. Fuji, but flips it along the vertical axis is a clear sign of his to explore Edo period Japan from a new angle, while the subtle changes to its shape and the changes to the background reveals that he does not feel beholden to the past.


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Kemono Friends Season 2

Overall the episode was kind of... well, a season 2 episode. However Domestic Dog made me feel sad, a real Hachikou feeling. Though not an Akita apparently.

Still, that I'll go home and wait for them to come back did have some emotional impact. Actually, everything Domestic Dog did had impact. Great character, meh episode?


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I'm a bit behind on Kemono Friends 2, having just watched episode 5 and 6.

It definitely feels different than Season 1 did, but I think I quite like it for what it is.

The main reason I liked the first show was because I found it completely amazing how far they managed to stretch their very limited budget. It also had a compelling mystery in its backstory and was cute.

Season 2 is still cute, and they do Friend Shenanigans very well. Kyururu does provide a mystery, though I think the way it's being developed is a little weaker than the mystery of Kaban's origin was. ("Have we reached my home yet? No? Okay, time for Friend Shenanigans!"). I did like seeing that Kaban is still alive and well, and liked her new design. And I do think these two episodes provided a satisfactory explanation for why Serval doesn't remember her and why Kaban doesn't press the issue.

I kinda understand why they stopped following her. If she was still the main character here the comparisons between Seasons 1 and 2 would flow even thicker than they are now.

Edit: Though I gotta admit, Episode 5 having the epic 4-on-2 battle between Friends happen completely offscreen while focusing on something much easier to animate is a very OG Kemono Friends thing.
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So, some of the conversation in the thread for Ultimate Chicken and my WIP of SRW V has got me thinking a little more about Gundam NT.

While Gundam NT as a film is not great, if they keep Hathaway's Flash in continuity with Unicorn and Narrative, than my hopes is that they will acknowledge those events and get into the fact that what we see in these shows and films is kind of a game changer:

Spoiler: Show

We've now had three Axis Shock events - Hathaway has seen one, Bright has seen two, and Iago in NT was present for the initial event and for the NT's Axis Shock - and I believe Zimmerman was present for all 3.

Additionally, there are now at least two, possibly three Psycho-frame equipped mobile suits are now floating around. Banagher is running missions for Minerva on the Garencaries (still commanded by Zimmerman) using the Gundam Unicorn. The Gundam Banshee may be disassembled, though that might be a cover story and Riddhe is currently running missions with Bright with the Banshee. And then there's the Gundam Fenix which is running around piloted by the ghosts of two Newtypes.

Finally, while the Federation Council is trying to clamp down on the colonies some, and slow the rollout of protections covered in the Original Federation Charter (discovered in Unicorn) - Minerva and operatives working for her are pushing back on this in the background. Oh, and the crew of the Nahel Argama from Double Zeta is unaccounted for.

All of these together could, I hope, lead to a situation where there might be a less tragic ending to Hathaway's Flash. We'll see.


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Good gravy, that sounds like a royal mess. I don't even know what to make of it at this point.


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Kemono Friends #2 7: Hah, even our intrepid protagonists are a bit tired of getting sidetracked by Friend Shenanigans by this point. But there's no escape from Friend Shenanigans. Also: Roadrunner wears a t-shirt that says "Beep!", which makes her my favorite character this episode.

(Cheetah, Pronghorn and Roadrunner are fast due to their inborn abilities. Serval is fast due to being massively over-leveled).
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