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[Spoilers] [General Anime Winter 2019] Penguins Are Never a Coincidence


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I did like the moment that Kaban and Serval had on the beach. Even though it felt so bittersweet.

Domestic Dog was a real letdown though. ಥ︿ಥ


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SAO Alicization 24 ends the 2nd cour as the series will be taking a break (to be continued in the Fall season IIRC) and it's a gigantic cliffhanger. A really mean one, too, given what happened in this episode.
While I really enjoyed this first part, the second half is what I've been really waiting for. Some fun stuff coming up.


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Hulaing Babies is finally fully (fan)subbed and it's fun. It's energetic and has a really unique aesthetic, which I am always down for. On the other hand, while I enjoy shorts (they're comfy and easy to watch), the character-driven story here would have benefited from more time to develop all of its many characters. Bonus feature, it has the best ED of the decade (the director (?) plays the ukelele and sings about random things that happened to him recently, all very dad-joke-ish).


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Finished The Promised Neverland last night, and that was some grade-A awesome. There was much cursing from me.

Finished Endro~!, and the end was about what I expected from how the penultimate episode had left off, but the how was still rather surprising. What the hell is Chibi-chan?

Last episode of Magical Girl Spec-Ops Asuka: I remain unabashed in my love of War Nurse Kurumi, as terrible of a person as she is.

Just need to finish Price of Smiles and Quintessential Quintpulets still. And TTIGRAAS, but I just have the clip show left.

Watched another episode of Violet Evergarden with my wife (the 3rd). We're both loving it, but our 30-min shows get watched VERY slowly.
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