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[Spoilers inside] Wheel of Time casting


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But that bit in the first book where they talk about the thousands of square miles of prime land that hasn't been inhabited since Artur Hawkwing's day a thousand years before makes no damn sense at all.
You know, I thought the same thing for a long time. Then I remembered that The Wheel of Time world doesn't have many of the same conditions we do here. One big one is they didn't have a major religion saying things like:
As for you, be fruitful and increase in number; multiply on the earth and increase upon it.
But, I do agree, a thousand years to leave an area of excellent farmland uninhabited does seem unusual. I would have liked him (RJ) to have at least put in there that some sort of supernatural stuff was believed to be going on there (It doesn't have to be true, just believed).

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When Genghis and Timur devastated Asia, no one needed an Abrahamic commandment to rebuild afterwards.

You make a decent point about the supernatural explanation- I think Jordan must have been going for the general theme of 'the Wheel is turning towards the Last Battle and the age is decaying as it comes to the close.' I just don't think it works very well though.

God, this thread is bringing up some deeply conflicted feelings in me- WoT was maybe the first big fantasy series that I fell in love with on my own terms. I mean, I'd been exposed to Narnia since literally before I could remember, and I read the Hobbit when I was six. But when I read The Eye of the World when I was ten I just fell headfirst into it.
Over that winter of 1998 I read all seven books. I used to sit up in my treehouse, even in June- which is not a great month to be outdoors in Melbourne- having my mind blown by Dumai's Wells, and the Gholam, and wondering who killed Asmodeus....
Then a month or two later The Path of Daggers came out, and I tried to convince myself that I'd enjoyed it.
Then sodding Winter's Heart, which at least had a great climax.
Then bloody Crossroads of Twilight.
And finally, finally Jordan finds his footing again in book eleven- and passes away. And the terrible thing is that the series improves! Sanderson's work is not a patch on the series of its height, but I think you'd have to have the rosiest of lenses to think that his three books don't stand head and shoulders over at least books seven, eight, nine and ten.
Only by then my tastes had developed, I was doing my masters degree so when I went back to reread the books (again- as a kid I must have gone through the series four times) I kept noticing the weird gender politics, the thin prose, the endless catch phrases. And of course by then I couldn't even begin to pretend that the middle books were any good.

And yet...

The setpieces! The wonderful game of theorising- people think A Song of Ice and Fire has fan theories? They should have seen the Wheel of Time FAQ! And above all, Jordan's wonderful gift of walking the exact line between incredible coolness and utter silliness. Take the sword forms- in the worst sequences, they become ridiculous, with no sense of physical danger or practicality. At their best- like in The Great Hunt- they are samurai awesomeness.

Ah, this TV series is going to break my heart, isn't it?


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I hope the TV series has at least some of the utter silliness. Maybe about 30% less than the books.

And all the incredible coolness.


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My one real hot take is that I think the series (if it runs long enough for this to matter) should reverse course on Jordan and make Taim be Demandred. This doesn't require a whole lot of change to the story, really, and pays off on a bunch of clues that are otherwise sort of obnoxiously pointless.

They're also going to have to figure out what to do with the mid-series sag. There's a whole lot of trimming that can be done between Dumai's Wells and Rand losing his hand in Knife of Dreams.

Speaking of Dumai's Wells (which is probably my favorite set piece in the books, definitely top-3), while 11-year-old me literally cheered when Taim said "Kneel and swear to the Lord Dragon or you will be knelt," the gender dynamics of that scene are going to be really, really touchy in a live action show.


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For the silliness I really hope they cast the Emond's Fielders YOUNG. Makes them look more like kids being kids when they act juvenile instead of being idiots.

Helped the Titans TV show so much that they cast an actual teen as Raven.


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I'll confess to not being familiar with any of them, but they all look the part (especially Nynaeve).
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