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[Spoilers] The Flash - Season 05 - Episode 16 - "Failure Is an Orphan"


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Thread for tonight's episode of The Flash.

Spoiler: Show
With the meta-human cure ready to use, Barry and the team must figure out a way to subdue Cicada long enough to take it; Killer Frost steps in to help with the plan; Joe eases back into work; Nora isn't happy about her dad's plans to stop Cicada.



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That was... interesting.

I don't know I feel about what happened. But I'm looking forward to next week honestly.

Qwa'ha Xahn

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I’ve been expecting this since they did the “in Grace’s head” thing. This version of Cicada was in there, wasn’t she?


Strange Apparition
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She was in there, but I wasn't sure when/if we'd see her. I definitely enjoyed the episode and am intrigued where it is going.

Tango Samurai

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I was wondering how they were going to have Cicada taken out with eps left in the season.
I suppose Cicada 2.0 Better and Meaner was a good answer.


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Cicada 2.0 is probably from the future, and is the cause of the time change


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Kudos to the writers on this one. One of the most important things to writing a character who chooses not to resolve a situation through "punch harder" tactics is to show that their ideas actually work.

Batman gets a lot of flack for not killing, but that's the fault of writers who are unwilling to show that the people he's giving second chances to are capable of changing for the better. This ep felt in character for both Barry and Dwyer - the hero gave the villain a chance and the villain was willing to take it for reasons that made sense and felt right.

And, oh look, it didn't ruin the drama of the season at all! This is a comic book universe. You can always escalate and always find more drama. It's so nice to see the writers finally embracing that, rather than dragging things out with one villain and spinning their wheels in the back half of a season until the last couple eps.


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I did hear Thawne dropping references to Anthro, the first boy, and Kamandi, the last boy on Earth at the start of this episode?
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