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Spy Game Suggestions???


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I've got this really cool plot for a James Bondish type campaign. Anyone have any suggestions for a decent game system. I unpacked and undusted the old TSR Top Secret game. Way too complex. (There was a good reason it was still packed)

Any ideas?


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James Bond SPY-FI

GURPS can be good for gritty. Though se the thread(s) on it for more information.

I intend to use Adventure! for a 60's Spy-FI game. Verye asy to adapt to a James Bond/Man from Uncle/ Secret Angent Man type of feel. I think that would be my game of chocie.

For James Bond I might use Unknown Armies. It would capture several of the elements quite well.

I don't know much about d20, but people I know who do like it are saying good things about AEGs SpyCraft. I wasn't impressed with what little we know about their world though.

My preferences for espionage games is more along LeCarre and Sandbaggers than Bond though, so thats where most of my thought has gone.


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Two-fisted heroes that Bond would have been proud to work next to. Super-science rules for all those nifty gadgets. Over the top villains, with their hordes of cronies. It's all there!

Just ignore the provided setting info and have at it. I guarantee fun.

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I would recommend Victory Games' JAMES BOND 007 RPG, from the early 80s. You can find it very easily online, since they made TONS of it, and a lot of online retailers have bundles of it. You can also find it on ebay.

It is, as you might suspect, PERFECT for James Bond style campaigns.


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The James Bond game is pretty darned good, although some of the supplements let the side down.

As for over-the-top heroic secret agents now, I'm thinking of doing that with Adventure! as well.

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agree with Gareth

(yes I know this kind of "me too" reply is silly)

The James Bond game is really good, and the rulebook is a very complete tool, including an interesting method to create missions (with random encounters if you like it).
Also, dozens of NPCs are ready to use, and you've got movies to see them in action.

The system is excellent, the idea of percentage=skill x (difficulty number) is something absolutely great. There's a multiplication chart, if you have problems multiplying 17 by 9.
Some elements of the system are a bit too complicated, though (like the seduction rules, artificially complex, just to stress their importance).

The point-based character creation was something very innovative for the time (beginning of the 80's), and the Disadvantages are really fun.
The gadgets and the background notes may be a bit dated, but if you place your campaigns in the 60's / 70's / 80's the game is just perfect !


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Beating the Drum, playing the broken record

Gee, I've had brought this up several times this week... I'm sorry for sounding like a broken record...

...But I think Feng Shui is perfect for super spies...

...I did a La Femme Nikita rip-off, forcing various mercenaries, martial artists and hitmen to work for a covert MI-6 op. It was a blast.


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Some suggestions:

- James Bond. Naturally a match. Perfectly geared for a superspy game. Best for 1:1 or small groups.

- Blue Planet/Synergy. A surprising match. BP is specifically designed to handle superspies. The mechanics can be used for any setting between present day and the late 22d Century by adjusting the available technology.

- Mercenaries, Spies, & Private Eyes. Nice and easy mechanics. A good choice if you don't want a rules heavy game.

- Feng Shui. Perfect for handling the wild cinematic action of the Bond movies and for presenting the master villian, his named bruiser, and hordes of faithful mooks. Particulary good if you want to present fancy technology without a lot of mechanics.

Good luck,



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Thanks for all the suggestions! I'll let you know how it works out. My campaign is set in the 60s. I may go with the James Bond 007 game. I like disadvantages and seduction aspects.


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RomboTrunk said:
I like disadvantages and seduction aspects.
Then you will hopefully like the Bond game. One of the great things about the Bond game is the way the mechanics encourage play that emulates the movies.

This is mainly done through Hero Points. Hero points are spent to ensure/upgrade results on a chart (my memory is getting a little vague here). Hero points are earned by rolling spectacular successes on the chart. Consequently, the best way to generate Hero points is to engage in game activities involving a lot of die rolls, like seduction. A perfect Bond style. This actually got one Machiavellian gamer in our group to engage in one of only the few romantic roleplays I saw in five years of gaming with him.

Still, my first choice would be Blue Planet or Feng Shui depending on the style of game I was going for.

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