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[Star Trek: Discovery] 1x15 Will You Take My Hand? (***Spoilers***)


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One way or another this has been an interesting ride so far and I can only imagine this finale will be interesting too.


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I thought that was kind of a dud of a finale. Poorly paced, not terribly exciting, and the battle of ideals between genocide or no genocide is... not a very compelling one.

And I couldn't help but feel that we really missed out on something by losing Lorca when we did. He really should have been the one to make it back from the M.U. and arrange this deal for his freedom. Lorca's the one the show took time to let us get to know and build up his relationships with the rest of the crew. And he's the one that Burnham should have been forced into a battle of wills with over the fate of the Klingons. Georgiou felt to me like a poor stand-in for him.

I assume that bit at the end gives them enough time to see if they can get Zachary Quinto to commit to a season of the show. :) (Bruce Greenwood too.) I was almost expecting him to make a cameo at the end.

Overall, I thought this was a wildly hit-and-miss season. Just not much going on underneath the surface of all the flash and incredible production values. It left Burnham's speech at the end feeling pretty hollow to me.
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Tilly was a high point, as usual, but I also wasn't enamored by the resolution of the war. I'm also unsure why the Klingons would let the Orions have a colony on their homeworld (but hey, more green folk). I also don't see why a couple of Orion prostitutes would know about an old Klingon temple, when a Klingon wouldn't.


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I was immensely satisfied. So many satisfying character resolutions (though I was very disappointed in Cornwell.)

I am now ready to accept the apologies of anyone who insisted that Discovery's central thesis as a story was about rooting for Hard Men Making Hard Choices.


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I was kinda disappointed that the Orions were really just humans with green skin. They didn't look alien at all, while the Orions in earlier shows somehow did.


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Yeah was not a fan. This could of been a 2 parter ending, with them chasing after the Empress in sort of a cat and mouse race against time. Not a fan of them going to Vulcan to get a new captain because that means Saru won't be the captain. Nor the sudden departing of Ash.

That New Enterprise looks great and I hope with get Bruce Greenwood as Pike, shouldn't be to hard to make him look a little younger.


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The way they've been throwing twists and cliffhangers around this season, I was expecting them to complete their mission and then get back to earth to find it inhabited by damn dirty apes. So an appearance by the Enterprise rates as kind of mild. In fact, I don't really feel anything about seeing the Enterprise here. Presumably this means new actors for Pike and Spock, whether it's Greenwood and Quinto or all-new guys, I don't really care, but I'd prefer to have the show create new characters and make me care about them rather than put on a parade of canon characters.

Anyway, I'm going to try being positive and talk about some things I liked about the back half of season one:

- Once we hit the MU, the show finally started to feel like it was about the whole crew. Before that, the other characters only mattered so far as how they related to or interacted with Michael Burnham.

- Again starting with the arrival in the MU, the show did a better job of making you feel the larger world. Even that small voice interaction with the Cooper did a ton of work in that direction. In the first half of the season, Discovery was always on its own and that isolation, combined with the dark sets, smallish cast, and relative lack of exterior location scenes, made the world feel really small.

- Despite being a Lorca loyalist, MU Landry seemed rational and competent. One of those rare cases where the MU got the better version of someone. ;)


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That was weird. Like, I had trouble with the whole concept of the away mission, and the blink and it's over resolution to the Klingon War. But I liked the moments. Tilly getting high. Ash reconciling himself and Voq. Tilly trying the Terran salute. Burnham and the family. Seeing the Enterprise in Discovery-style paint, but still looking like the Enterprise.

So, a disjointed and rushed finale, but overall, I'd still call this a very successful first season.
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