[Star Trek: Discovery] 2x02 New Eden (***Spoilers***)


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Jonathan Frakes returns to the series to direct.

(He and Sirtis seem to be aging well. Given how non-averse Discovery seems to be to fan service, I've got to think pretty much every TNG cast member who wants to is going to show up on the Picard show eventually -- especially if it has a long run.)


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That was probably the trekkiest Discovery has been since the time loop episode. We also probably learned more about the bridge crew in this episode then we did in the enter last season. Good job guys!


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When Burnham completes Tilly's detection method in the beginning, I feared that she would do absolutely everything again. But then Tilly had her own plot, Stamets, Saru und Pike got things to do - yeah, that's Star Trek.
You know, there are so many displaced humans with different backstories out there ... wonder if the same happens to other species. I imagine Klingons who have never heard of Kahless ...


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That was great!

Super classic Trek moral dilemma.

Something is clearly testing the Federation. Whoever called that in the last thread (please forgive ) seems to be right.

Also, glad to see the shore drive back in play. I like that this particular science mystery is one only Disocery is equipped to deal with.

Also ghosts!


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A very good episode.

Tilly is wonderful.

Definitely intrigued by the mystery of who is testing the Federation as Bailywolf puts it.


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No space hippies. I'm sad but pretty awesome episode. I loved that they outright rejected the TNG and Voy models of the prime directive.


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Good episode, with a moral dilemma solved by rapid-fire technobabble. They even got around the fact that an imminent extinction level event would be a pretty weighty reason to supecede the prime directive by not having Pike's away team be unaware of of the meteor swarm and as such, their insistence on not violating the directive made more sense.

I wonder if Tilly seeing May (due to her exposure to the antimatter meteor?) means the angels are linked with the spore network somehow (since Stamets' vision of Hugh is the first time we see someone seeing dead people in this show). Perhaps Discovery's use of the spore net has attracted the attention of a powerful intelligence that's trying to understand humanity by communicating with them through artificially created personifications of memories, kind of like the unnamed aliens from "If Wishes Were Horses". They could even be, like the Bajoran Prophets, temporally non-linear, so decided to abduct the New Eden settlers "after" becoming aware of Discovery.
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