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[Star Trek: Discovery] 2x08 If Memory Serves (***Spoilers***)


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They seem to be going with a story line from the novels. Namely that the "Control" of Section 31 is actually an AI that has gone rogue.


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I'm really liking how things are going. I didn't think I would but damn its working for me.

I'm also liking the portrayl of Spock. Hes a bit of a dick but you can see why.


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Pike's expression towards the end of the episode was just *chef's kiss*


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Well, they aren't going with shades of grey for Section 31. They're pretty much evil.
My guess is that the transmissions and spore drive sabotage aren't related. The transmissions are probably Airiam, and the sabotage is the Section 31 mole. (Ash is just a decoy.) I'm just hoping that it's not one of the bridge crew.
The Culber/Ash confrontation was nice, although I'm not real happy with Culber's arc. I hope that it gets resolved soon.

Next week:
Spick and Tilly
Tilly and Spock
Is there nothing that they can't Science?
(Not based on the previews. Just something I want to see.)


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Whoever wrote that episode, get them to write more please.
From what I've read Michelle Paradise who apparently came in after episode four and is going to be the co-showrunner in season 3. I'm wondering how much of a positive influence she has had. She apparently wrote the next episode. I'm not sure you can attribute it to her totally but... I think its possible.


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If there ever was a Starfleet ship that desperately needed a counselor on board... Of course, they're fugitives now, so that ship has sailed (ah-hah).

I'm wondering if the sabotage / transmissions are Airiam's doing. I'm assuming the squid drone and those world-killer ships shown in the Angel's vision are connected, so I guess it would help its agenda to keep the timeline unchanged. On the other hand, it seems a bit too obvious.

Also, SQL injections? Seriously? The Federation doesn't know how to sanitize database inputs?
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I really loved this episode. It was great seeing a modern interpretation of Talos IV and the Talosians.
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