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[Star Trek: Discovery] 2x08 If Memory Serves (***Spoilers***)

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On Hugh... Maybe too earlier to say the marriage ended, but at this point it can go anyway, he resolves his issues and comes back, he doesnt, he dies again (he seems to be suicidal right now...)
He died once already, and it was really traumatic. I don't think he wants to go through all that again.

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He died once already, and it was really traumatic. I don't think he wants to go through all that again.
I'm sure that his death was tramuatic (he was mureder after all), but i think what happned afterwards was the most traumatic part.


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There was an episode of DS9 where a Pagh Wraith coerced O'Brien into rigging a chroniton beam with the aim of killing the Prophets. He managed to turn it on the Pagh Wraith (which are the same species) and it seemed to do the job.

Since chronitons are Star Trek's generic time travel plot device radiation particles, I'd guess that yes, it works killing them at all points in time simultaneously.
I think the approved time-traveller word that makes everyone else groan for "all points in time simultaneously" is "everywhen".


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* Bureau 13 was actually the Babylon 5 version of Section 31. They only ever used them in one story because it turned out the name also had been taken by, IIRC, an X-files ripoff RPG about fighting alien infiltrators or something along those lines.
For the record, Stalking the Night Fantastic (The Bureau 13 RPG) was published ten years before X-Files debuted.


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/finally watch the episode

"all sentient life in the galaxy"

Calling it right now: the threat/enemy is a machine civilization, but not the Borg (no assimilation). Should be interesting to see if the producers can come up with a good twist for this.


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I liked this episode more than the last couple particularly because of the Original Series callbacks in it. Pike continues to be excellent and it was good to see Spock actually doing something.


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What was that quote from Saru? Something like: "There is no established procedure for Humans with Klingons in their bones and a medical officer who has returned from the dead?"


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I still really love Pike's "...what" expression at Spock's smile, and then getting cut o ff and snarked at by the crew when he's trying to give a dramatic speech. He's such a great foil for the cast to bounce off
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