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Star Trek Discovery - Red Angel - Spoilers


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Hello everyone,

So tonight on Discovery we discovered the identity of the Red Angel.

I wasn't expecting that...

So what does everyone think? Spoilers welcome.
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I'm thoroughly confused as to why Burnham's Mom faked Michael's bio signatures. Or are they just so similar that they are mistaken for each other? Seems like they were really sure that it would be her for that.

Tom McCambley

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I’m thinking this worldline will probably have two Red Angels. The first is Michael’s Mom, the second will be Michael.


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I’m sure if I indulged my inner killjoy I could find some problems with the episode, but my first reaction is: I fucking love this. The way they were handling the Angel reveal, I was fine with it being Michael, but then the final reveal happened.

And honest to god that was a Mass Effect reference, wasn’t it? (“I’ll let you get back to it”).


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Yeah, so Michael is a clone of her mother? Some kind of parthenogenesis? Immaculate Conception? WTF?
How much the plot circles around to Michael, and Spock going off about how she thinks it's all about her too much... And the writers are making it all about her.
Did Trek really need a chosen one plot? What is this even saying? I guess we'll have to tune in next time.


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So my big thoughts:

I LOVED Spock and Burnham finally talking. And Spock admitting that he’d have liked to see her break the guy’s nose.

I’m pretty sure that he was killed by the Control virus. Pretty sure. Then again, Georgiou was aboard...

But the computer impersonated him and called up to the bridge with the power authorized. I’m pretty sure it was control. Which means that Discovery capturing the Red Angel is, as they say, all according to plan.

Speaking of Georgiou, I also liked how she and Burnham are connecting despite...well, everything. They have a confusing relationship, but an intense one. And it’s in both directions.

Burnham seems to be a magnet for those doesn’t she.

I wonder what Empress Georgiou went through to make her have such strong opinions on the punishments for good intentions.

Also, her outfit! She’s not even hiding it anymore.

“What just happened?!?” I’m right there with you Tilly.

What was probably going through Leland’s head facing Burnham? ‘Well shit she might kill me... but at least that blackmail material is gone now. Screw it, I’ll try sincerity.’

To change notes entirely. Airiam’s funeral was really touching. And it’s good that they acknowledged it and that, even if we didn’t see much of it, people knew her and cared about her. That they had to delete her memories because of the threat of computer viruses was such a tear jerker too.

The officer who replaced her will have some big shoes to fill, and that’s the truth.

The Red Angel being Burnham’s mom... I’m reminded of the Diskworld novel Masquerade
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”Think about what you just said. You recognized him because he was wearing a mask? Who says there can’t be two Ghosts?”

I’m not sure how I feel about the temporal Cold War leading to wormhole time suits, but it’s awesome enough I’m giving it a huge pass. Besides, Burnham’s parents are probably from the future or something anyway.

The Klingons researching time travel makes sense since, in a hundred years or so, they’ll have a perfected version of a temporal wormhole generator that Janeway will steal.

I really liked the explanation of how a xenoanthropologist was involved, looking for evidence of temporal bootstrapping.

I was WONDERING how they planned to get past the ‘Burnham will remember setting a trap for herself’ problem and just wrote it off as ‘we’re hanging the past’ style timey wimey. But no, turns out there was no reason for her mom to remember.
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