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Star Trek novels - what to read?

La Conductrice

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I haven't read one in years, and there's such a massive variety out there that I don't know what is and isn't worth reading. I especially want to read about Starfleet at war, and if there's any war books set in the TOS era, great (like, a non-Discovery perspective on the war with the Klingons), but I guess this could be more of a TNG question, in between the Borg and the Dominion War.


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The Final Reflection is Klingon novel set most of a generation before TOS - it doesn't hit any of your especiallies (it's not about a war, and its take on Klingons couldn't be further from that of Discovery) - but with that caveat, I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Zarkin' Frood

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I'm afraid I too will be little help with the war stories, but I loved the Pocket Books TOS stuff 35+ years ago, and as it happens I recently culled my collection. I gave away dozens and kept only four: The Entropy Effect (Vonda McIntyre; one of the first of the series; a clever plot with time-wimey stuff), Spock's World (a little bigger in scope than most of them — it even includes some Vulcan prehistory — and no one had yet had enough of Vulcan in those days!), The Prometheus Design (philosophically more challenging than most of the series, or so it seemed to my high school self), and The Final Reflection.

Of these, The Final Reflection stands apart from the other three: it isn't just my favorite Trek novel; it's one of my favorite sci-fi stories. The Klingon culture is well-fleshed-out and fascinating. The story is actually framed as a controversial historical novel that the Enterprise crew are reading while on leave, but the story stands so well on its own that it seemed apparent to me the framing device was a demand of the publisher to find a way to work the familiar characters into the book.

Ah, hell... Now I'm gonna have to read it again...


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There are two other Star Trek books by Diane Duane
- My Enemy, My Ally
- The Romulan Way
They tie in to Spock's World and are great fun to read. I shall have to look those up again.

Evil Midnight Lurker

What Lurks at Midnight
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More than those two. Preferred reading order of the Rihannsu series and its two adjunct books:

The Wounded Sky

My Enemy, My Ally
The Romulan Way

Spock's World

Honor Blade
The Empty Chair

Qwa'ha Xahn

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Well, my go-to recommendation for Star Trek novels is First Frontier, which is Star Trek meets Jurassic Park, but amazing. But it’s not Starfleet at war. My second recommendation is Star Trek: Invasion- First Strike. It’s not exactly Starfleet at war, but it’s closer. Ancient precursor race that looks like devils and other ancient monsters sends a ship back to their “home” space. A Klingon captain encounters it and is so terrified that he goes to get Kirk’s help. A lot of the book is Kirk and company trying to get past the bone-deep revulsion and terror this group triggers in them to try to find a way to make peace. Don’t worry too much about the other books in the series- this one stands pretty much alone.

Evil Midnight Lurker

What Lurks at Midnight
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(While there is a war in the Rihannsu series, it's a Romulan civil war... with Kirk ending up as the admiral of the rebel fleet!)

Lord Shark

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Note that if you enjoy The Final Reflection, you should also check out John M. Ford's other Trek novel, How Much for Just the Planet?, which is more of a Trek-as-comedy but a fun read.


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There’s a pretty hillarious TOS one called Mudd In Your Eye and it completely captures the feel of the original series in all its campy high concept sci fi charm. Also, there’s Mudd!

Eye of the Beholder is a good Next Gen novel, also feels like an episode.

Can’t second the Diane Duane books hard enough.

For Starfleet at war there’s a four part dominion war series that I really can’t remember the name of. I’ll drop back in if I remember what it’s called.


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One of my favourites is Diane Carey's Best Destiny. It jumps between the Enterprise sailing home after the events of STVI and Kirk as a kid. We meet Robert April, Enterprise's first captain. It's very much a Kirk origin story, but it's really good.

Also co-signing the Rihannsu series, very fun novels. I love how many aliens we get on the Enterprise.

I liked a lot of the earlier New Frontier novels, but kinda gave up on the series later on.
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