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[Star Wars] Episode IX News [The Rise of Skywalker]

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...so what are the odds on Lando surviving the movie?
Damn good, imo. Between fan reaction to Hang and Luke's deaths and Fisher's real life death, I expect Lando to come through this thing flying. My money's on him ending up Supreme Chancellor of the Republic.


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Everything I've read about Billy Dee Williams gives the impression he's a dick, which may be why Disney creatives have been reluctant to work with him as of yet (as well as his rather lacking career), but if he's going to show up, now would be the time, and with Fisher's death, having him in there helps give a familiar face. Who isn't a Force ghost, as I'll be surprised if Hamill's not in there.


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Billy Dee back might just convince me Star Wars burnout (and my dislike of the Disney films) be damned to give it a try for the nostalgia.
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