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[Star Wars] Episode IX News [The Rise of Skywalker]


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I can't believe that the big bad of the trilogy is going to be the Joker...
I had made jokes in the TLJ threads that I really wanted to see Luke as a Force Ghost Joker it up and prank the hell out of Kylo in the last movie. For a second there that laugh really confused me.


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We heard Palpatine's cackle so apparently there's some involvement from a legit Sith. What it has to do with this trooper is anyone's guess.

My first thought was that it's a random concept toy, but evidently it's actually from the movie.


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Probably just a replacement for the Knights of RenElite Praetorian Guard they killed off.
The Emperor's Imperial Royal Guards also were decked out in red.
Just a first guess.
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