Star Wars Hacks?


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Probably my favorite setting is Star Wars and my favorite rule system for it is, WEG D6 2nd R&E, but I am curious what interesting hacks are out there for playing Star Wars in other systems? Any good Savage Worlds ones? I'm really curious just to see what is out there. I tried googling it, but sometimes it is more effective to just come here and see what people suggest. :D


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I've been playing using Savage worlds with the SPC (Pulp Hero Rising Stars) but only allowing a limited range of powers. We've had lots of fun with it.


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I recently bought SWADE as I got back on the Savage Worlds bandwagon with the advent of Savage Rifts. You could very easily use the core book and maybe the Sci-Fi Companion 2nd ed and Savage Rifts to do SW. I would use the race creation system to build some Iconic Frameworks or adapt them from Savage Rifts, myself. There are probably more adaptations of SW for Savage Worlds than any other setting.

I think there is a hack of Apocalypse World for SW, but I'm not sure where to find it. I have heard that people using Barbarians of Lemuria for SW is one of the things that lead to the development of Everywhen. I think you could do SW out of the box with it. If people have a preferred superhero game, they have tried to do SW with it. Then there are games like Prime Time Adventures, ScreenPlay, etc.

If WEG D6 was your favorite, you might check out Mythic D6. Jerry Greyson actually ran a con game using it to do SW. There is also a pretty amazing all-in-one doc called Star Wars D6 Essentials floating around the ether that pretty grand. Also, REUP.

I have a SW hack for Cortex Plus I'm going to adapt for Cortex Prime once we get the final book. I have run it at cons and it was a lot of fun. Here is the character sheet I built for it. It needs updated badly, but I'm waiting for the final book to be on my hard drive and the community guidelines in place.

You should also take a look at Scum & Villainy. You can use it for SW straight up. It is based on Blades in the dark and uses small pools of d6s.


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All Tomorrow's Zombies, the sci-fi supplement for All Flesh Must Be Eaten, contains a setting that is blatantly Star Wars with the serial numbers filed off and zombies added (the not-Empire heavily uses re-animated troops). Leave the zombies out and you've got yourself a Unisystem Star Wars.

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The Superluminary supplement for the Other Worlds RPG contains everything you need to play Star Wars. All the stuff is renamed, but everything you need is in the book. There is a free preview edition of both Other Worlds and Superluminary at those links.

It's got templates for all kinds of homeworlds (e.g. Coruscant, Hoth, Degobah Tatooine, etc.) by labelling them as City World, Ice World, Jungle World, Desert World, etc.

It's got templates for Jedi (e.g. start with Monastic Order as your homeworld, take Mystic Knight as your profession, and the trademark of Eos - the Light for your Force powers). It's called the "Lifeforce" in the book, and you wield "Laser Swords," but the names are all you have to change.

And there are templates for aliens covering all the major types, starfighters, capital ships, diplomats, bounty hunters, scoundrels, starfighter ace pilots, and pretty much anything else you can find in Star Wars. And there's no "conversion" required - the only thing you would change is the name on the template.

Though, to be honest, while I like Other Worlds fairly well, I do prefer HeroQuest 2E (they originate from the same basic game "family") for a few personal preference reasons on how the rules flow in play. However, HeroQuest has nothing like Superluminary to completely support playing the game in a specific genre. It's a fantastic resource.

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I've got an incredibly obscure one and maybe still my favourite: There Is No Try. 15 years ago, some folks here on bashed out a SW hack from Steve Darlington's awesomely to-the-point Matrix game, There Is No Spoon. The link sends you to the OOC thread on the PbP forum here, which then links to Steve's game and the thread where everyone kit-bashed the thing.

Damn that was fun.
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