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[Star Wars Saga Ed] Pregens?


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Has anyone done any nice pregen PCs for SWSE that they wold be willing to share? Bonus points if they are level 1.

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A quick look at my files gives me these guys:

If you have any specific kinds of characters you need, I'd be happy to stat 'em up.

1st-level characters. 28 pts in abilities (droids get 23).

Merchant-Prince Bram Wade

The only child of the Lord Admiral of the Sidereal Merchant Fleet, Merchant-Prince Bram Wade is groomed from an early age for a leadership position. Flying a starship is second nature to him, and so is cutting a deal to make a sizeable profit.
In an act of cowardly treachery, the scheming Grand Vizier, who had played the role of trusted advisor for two decades, betrays the Lord Admiral to the Separatists and assumes control of the fleet in a bloody coup that costs the lives of hundreds of elders and children of the Sidereal families, including both of Wade’s parents.
A distraught Wade wants to fight, but a true friend of his father prevents him from throwing his life away and helps him escape the fleet and go into hiding. He also orders a belligerent IG-86 Sentinel Droid to go with Wade and protect him at all costs.
Wade immediately gets to work. He prepares for the day when he will avenge the murders of the Sidereals. For now, he utilizes his training by working as a smuggler and blockade runner for the Republic and is always on the lookout for opportunities to make contacts and allies that will help him in his quest.

Bram Wade CL 1
Medium Human noble 1
Destiny 1; Force 5
Init +7; Senses Perception +5
Languages Basic, Binary (can’t speak), Bocce, Huttese, Ryn, Sy Bisti

Defenses Ref 14 (flat-footed 12), Fort 11, Will 13; Vehicular Combat
hp 18; second wind +4/9; Threshold 11
Immune +5 to Fortitude Defense against extreme heat and cold effects

Speed 6 squares
Melee by weapon +0
Ranged heavy blaster pistol +2 (3d8)
Base Atk +0; Grp +2
Special Actions Anticipate Movement, Vehicular Combat

Abilities Str 11, Dex 14, Con 11, Int 14, Wis 10, Cha 15
Talents Anticipate Movement*
Feats Linguist, Skill Focus (Pilot), Vehicular Combat, Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple weapons)
Skills Deception +7, Gather Information +7, Initiative +7, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +7, Knowledge (galactic lore) +7, Perception +5, Persuasion +7, Pilot +12, Use Computer +7
Possessions heavy blaster pistol with standard targeting scope in hip holster, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser), all-temperature cloak, bracer computer, credit chip with 1555 credits
*Galaxy at War, p.18. 1/round, as reaction to enemy in LOS moving, let 1 ally move his speed as free action

Cuddles, IG-86 Sentinel Droid

Being confronted with a belligerent and hostile IG-86 Sentinel Droid responding to the nickname of Cuddles provokes a wide variety of responses from organic beings. The IG-86 unit in question finds each one to be quite illuminating of the organic’s character.
Cuddles faithfully serves his master, the Lord Admiral of the Sidereal Fleet, as a bodyguard and tool of intimidation. So when the Grand Vizier makes his move, he makes sure that Cuddles is off with a friend of the Lord Admiral and not around to protect him.
When Bram Wade is about to make a suicidal attempt to kill the Grand Vizier, the calculating and methodical droid and a true friend of the Lord Admiral urge the young Merchant Prince to instead retreat and wait for a better time to strike.
Cuddles follows Wade into hiding and becomes his guardian and co-pilot while the odd pair plies the trade routes of the galaxy.
The only thing Cuddles enjoys more than planning the most efficient way to remove a threat to Wade is to actually get to do it. Sadly, Cuddles has to be the one urging caution and stealth, as the Merchant Prince can be a bit reckless, in his opinion.

Cuddles CL 1
Medium droid (4th-degree) soldier 1
Destiny 1; Force 5
Init +7; Senses darkvision, low-light vision; Perception +8
Languages Basic, Binary

Defenses Ref 17 (flat-footed 15), Fort 15, Will 12
hp 30; second wind +7/15; Threshold 15
Immune droid traits

Speed 6 squares (walking)
Melee by weapon +3
Ranged blaster rifle +4 (3d8) or
Ranged blaster rifle -1 (3d8) with autofire or
Ranged blaster rifle +5 (3d8+1) with Point Blank Shot or
Ranged blaster pistol +3 (3d6) or
Ranged blaster pistol +4 (3d6+1) with Point Blank Shot
Fighting Space 1 square; Reach 1 square
Base Atk +1; Grp +3
Atk Options autofire (blaster rifle), Point Blank Shot
Special Actions Indomitable

Abilities Str 14, Dex 15, Con -, Int 13, Wis 12, Cha 8
Talents Indomitable
Feats Armor Proficiency (light), Point Blank Shot, Weapon Focus (rifles), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, rifles, simple weapons)
Skills Initiative +7, Mechanics +5, Perception +8, Use Computer +5
Systems darkvision, 2 hand appendages, heuristic processor, improved sensor package, integrated comlink, locked access, secondary battery, vocabulator, walking locomotion
Possessions blaster pistol, blaster rifle, 4 power packs, tool kit, durasteel shell

Hera Shen, Padawan

A human Padawan training from a young age under Master Durant, Hera Shen becomes something of a warrior-philosopher. Her abstract attitude and her introspective, contemplative nature balance out her youthful enthusiasm and her devotion to developing her lightsaber technique.
When Durant falls at the Battle of Geonosis, Shen’s world is sent spinning. Her anguish over her Master’s death nearly sees her leave the Jedi Order. But at the last moment she hears the voice of her dead Master whisper into her mind, urging her not to fail herself.
Continuing her training under the Cerean Jedi Master Vi-Mana Noore, Shen rededicates herself to the Jedi Order. But she is wary of the Jedi’s role in the war and how their new duties as military leaders will change them in the long run.

Hera Shen CL 1
Medium Human Jedi 1
Destiny 1; Force 5
Init +6; Senses Perception +7
Languages Basic, Cerean

Defenses Ref 13 (flat-footed 12), Fort 13, Will 14; Deflect
hp 31; second wind +7/15; Threshold 13
Immune +5 to Fortitude Defense against extreme heat and cold effects

Speed 6 squares
Melee lightsaber +2 (2d8+2)
Ranged by weapon +2
Base Atk +1; Grp +2
Force Powers Known (Use the Force +11) move object, surge (2)

Abilities Str 13, Dex 12, Con 12, Int 12, Wis 14, Cha 13
Talents Deflect
Feats Force Sensitivity, Force Training, Skill Focus (Use the Force), Weapon Proficiency (lightsabers, simple weapons)
Skills Acrobatics +6, Initiative +6, Perception +7, Use the Force +11
Possessions lightsaber, utility belt (3 day food supply, medpac, tool kit, power pack, energy cell, glow rod, comlink, liquid cable dispenser), credit chip with 250 credits, all-temperature cloak, comlink (encrypted)


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Thanks for that. I am actually looking more for layout and presentation than stats. Something pretty for use at demos.


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I would suggest checking out one of the char generators to put your characters in if your looking for how they will look at the end for demo's. After reading some of the books and using those you can make printed character sheets that would be easy to use and look good.


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Cheers. That's not quite what I am looking for either :) For a demo, I would tend to use something with a small background, pic and layout that is friendly to a newcomer who may be focussed less on the rules and more on the story. The best I can find are the three attached to Grubman's "A Much Larger World" adventure.


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HERE are some level 5 characters I used with a con game I ran a year or two ago.

The first page of each character are their stats. Any passive feats or talents have already been added in. The notes on the bottom are for any talents or feats that need to be activated or have special rules.

The second page is the character write up and picture.


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This is (more or less - I'm not sure of the 1st level info as it's been a few years) my character from our on again - off again SWSE campaign.

Ecchi CL 1

Medium Human scoundrel 1
Init +2; Senses Perception +5
Languages Basic, Binary, Bocce, Durese, Zabrak

Defenses Ref 15 (flat-footed 13), Fort 12, Will 12
hp 19; second wind +4/9; Threshold 12

Speed 6 squares
Melee by weapon -1
Ranged by weapon +2
Base Atk +0; Grp +2
Atk Options Point Blank Shot
Special Actions Gimmick

Abilities Str 8, Dex 14, Con 12, Int 18, Wis 10, Cha 10 (30 points)
Talents Gimmick
Feats Point Blank Shot, Skill Focus (Mechanics, Use Computer), Weapon Proficiency (pistols, simple)
Primary Skills Deception +5, Gather Information +5, Knowledge (galactic lore) +9, Knowledge (technology) +9, Mechanics +14, Perception +5, Pilot +7, Stealth +7, Use Computer +14 (may Issue Routine Command as swift action)
Secondary Skills Acrobatics +2, Climb -1, Endurance +1, Initiative +2, Jump -1, Knowledge (bureaucracy) +4, Knowledge (life sciences) +4, Knowledge (physical sciences) +4, Knowledge (social sciences) +4, Knowledge (tactics) +4, Persuasion +0, Ride +2, Survival +0, Swim -1, Treat Injury +0

He's a tech guy who's strengths are Mechanics and Use Computer. His M.O. is to use the fighters in the group as a distraction while he gets under cover and snipes. If you want appearance, think L from Death Note.
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